Finding a Flexible College for Working Adults

In today’s working world, higher education is demanded for nearly every successful career. But for the many working adults who do not have a post-secondary degree, the idea of “going back to school” can be a daunting and discouraging one. Of course, it is clear that earning a degree has many benefits – such as higher pay and more opportunities – but that doesn’t always keep hesitation away from those of us who are already “out in the real world.” Many working adults who are re-considering college will think, “I need to keep working to pay my tuition and other bills” or, “How will I be able to make time for both work and school?”

At Goodwin College, we understand the demands of life outside the classroom. That’s why we offer flexible programs to accommodate students and their busy lives. It’s one of the many factors that make us a top college for working adults in Connecticut.

Maybe you’ve taken classes in the past but needed to take a break. Whether it be family obligations or personal finances, we all have our share of challenges in life. But it can be frustrating to never finish what you started. Wouldn’t it be nice to get into a career-focused program, and have your bachelor’s degree one year later? That’s a very doable option at Goodwin College, thanks to the Adult Degree Completion Program! Unlike the policies at many other schools, you can complete your degree at Goodwin faster by leveraging more of the credits you’ve already earned. You can transfer in up to 90 college credits – whether from prior work experience, military training, or CLEP – before taking your final college credits at Goodwin.

“Goodwin offers the flexibility to work and support my family. I am able to earn my degree in the evenings and online.” – Steve Davis, Vision Care Tech student

Goodwin is a great college for working adults because of the many flexible scheduling options. Our Professional Studies degree program offers classes that are on-campus, online, and in a hybrid format. You can take courses part or full time, in a standard 15-week format, or at an accelerated 7.5-week pace. With classes offered on weekdays and weekends, you are sure to find a course schedule that will fit into your busy life. Goodwin College also enables working adults to tailor their college classes to their individual scheduling needs.

Whether you work part-time, full-time, have children to care for, or are trying to do it all – there’s a way to get a great education at Goodwin College. And getting started does not have to happen in September or January. Classes begin 6 times per year, so we’re ready to get started when you are!

“I chose Goodwin College because as a full time working mom to a 6-year-old daughter, I needed a college that works with my busy schedule.” – Stephanie Faluotico, Respiratory Care student

The Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies is a career-focused, degree completion program that offers students theoretical and practical educational experiences designed to enhance their current professional capabilities. It also prepares you for career advancement or new job opportunities.

If you are looking to shift your career path and get started in something new, earning a bachelor’s degree can level you up in the playing field and give you the credentials for success. If you are hoping to enhance your current position or work your way up the career ladder in your current organization, pursuing a bachelor’s education can help you qualify for advanced careers (such as management).

As a working adult looking to go back to college, you may still have some hesitations about taking the plunge – Will you learn like you used to? Will you pick up where you left off? Will you be the only adult learner there? It is important to know that you are not alone. The typical college classroom is no longer just fresh-faced high school graduates. In fact, working adults are quickly defining the “normal” college student. Today, 40 percent of college students are age 25 or older, and this number is only expected to increase. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, college enrollment among adults will grow 18 percent by the year 2025.

Don’t wait any longer to get started in – or finish up – your college career! Check out our recent infographic to learn more about finishing your degree at Goodwin College today. Or, to get the ball rolling on your college education, call us at 800-889-3282 today.