4 Signs You’re Choosing the Right Healthcare College

Healthcare is quickly becoming the fastest-growing industry in the United States, as well as the most promising and secure employment sector today. By the year 2024, experts predict that over 2.3 million jobs will become available to aspiring healthcare professionals. If you are interested in becoming a healer – whether it be a nurse, physician, medical assistant, dentist, or even a social worker – you need to make sure you pursue the best possible educational path.

Deciding what healthcare college is right for you can be a difficult decision. As a leading healthcare school in Connecticut, Goodwin College can help guide you through the decision-making process and set you up for success in the healthcare field. The types of programs a college offers, the quality of those programs, class flexibility, and financial aid all can factor into where you choose to go to school.

  • They Offer a Variety of Programs

Healthcare is a multi-faceted field, with an array of career choices in research, patient care, administration, and advocacy. Typically, the path you choose to follow will lead you into more specialized training at a dedicated healthcare school. If you are not certain about your desired career path, choose a school that offers an array of program offerings in health. Goodwin College, for example, offers a variety of healthcare programs: medical assisting, medical billing and coding, vision care and respiratory care, public health, dental hygiene, and more. We also offer a general health science degree, which can prepare you for a diversity of occupations such as environmental health and healthcare administration if you still can’t decide!

  • They’re Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Convenience and flexibility are key when choosing the right healthcare college – and you deserve one that offers classes on your schedule. Many students work full or part-time, have family obligations, or just generally busy lives. It can be difficult to balance that with a rigid program that places stricter demands on your time. That is why choosing a flexible program to meet your needs—rather than bending to meet the demands of the program—can be so important. At Goodwin, we offer day, evening, and weekend classes, as well as hybrid and online courses. And we’re always enrolling! We have three semester starts a year, and are always enrolling for shorter certificate and associate’s degree courses. And in general there are no wait lists!

  • They’re Located Near You (and Jobs)

When looking for a healthcare school—particularly if you’ve got a life outside of school with work, family, and obligations—its location can make or break whether you’re in the right place.  You should make sure that the school and its laboratory classroom settings are located nearby so that you can get to class with no hassle. At Goodwin, we have training facilities right on campus—including a fully functioning dental hygiene clinic and vision care center!

Additionally, you should make sure that the school is located nearby job sites and other professional healthcare facilities. Choosing a healthcare college conveniently located near top-rated hospitals, clinics, and offices can open up worlds of opportunity, especially if the school has professional connections with the facilities nearby. With Goodwin’s prime location in East Hartford, we have developed professional relationships with several healthcare leaders in Connecticut, making us a top choice for healthcare education.

  • They Offer Affordable Tuition and Financial Aid

The best healthcare colleges are not necessarily the most expensive ones. You should find a school that meets your financial needs, while providing a top quality program. And they should have accessible services to help you navigate the complicated maze of financial aid, grant, and scholarship opportunities. The best healthcare colleges have a dedicated team of advisors who are committed to helping you identify financial aid opportunities.

At Goodwin, we believe that college is essential, and should therefore be accessible and affordable. That is why we have one of the lowest tuition costs for private, nonprofit colleges in Connecticut. During the admissions process at Goodwin, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our financial aid advisors to design a personalized financial aid package that meets your needs. We’ll even help you fill out your FAFSA and find scholarship opportunities.

If your healthcare school meets these standards, you’ll know you’re in the right place!

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