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$100K Bank of America Grant Supports Goodwin University Workforce Development Efforts

A generous $100K grant from the Bank of America will empower a greater number of Connecticut manufacturing workers to access critical skills training from Goodwin University.

A key component of Goodwin’s ongoing mission to bolster the state’s economic standing is the Connecticut Manufacturing Workforce Development Initiative (CMWDI), a collaboration with Connecticut State Colleges and Universities and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technologies. Training under CMWDI is strategically designed to meet manufacturing employer demands and increase employment opportunities. In spring 2020, Goodwin received funds from the U.S. Department of Labor under the Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gap program to upskill incumbent workers, enabling them to advance from entry-level jobs, improve their career paths, and increase their incomes. The support from DOL also helps small- to mid-sized companies to grow their own talent from within. As part of the initiative, the DOL requires 45% matching funds of $200 per individual from employers of incumbent workers receiving training.

Now, thanks to the $100K grant from the Bank of America announced on October 21, that fee will be alleviated for the employers of the first 500 individuals who register for training at Goodwin. A total of 1,600 workers and 125 manufacturing companies with registered or non-registered apprenticeship programs across Connecticut will benefit from CMWDI training.

The concept of multiple organizations collaborating to support workforce development has long been endorsed by Goodwin.

“This collaborative approach to upskilling our manufacturing workforce is essential to keep Connecticut competitive,” said Dr. Cliff Thermer, dean of Goodwin’s School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing. “Partnering with manufacturers, government agencies, and private sources like Bank of America is the kind of synergy that leads to success. We are so grateful that Bank of America believes in the mission and in our ability to respond to this most important task for the greater good of the state workforce.”

“Investing in educational programs amid the health crisis is imperative to rebuilding a robust economy and helping to advance economic opportunity in Greater Hartford,” said Joe Gianni, Bank of America market president for Hartford. “Bank of America’s partnership with Goodwin University will help provide students with access to quality academia and valuable skills, leading to stable employment that will have a lasting positive impact on the individuals and families in our community.”

This collaboration of business and academia leads to clear benefits for Connecticut’s business owners.

“It’s really an advantage that employees are able to focus in on building a particular skill” said Marcia LaFemina, president and CEO of the Penn Globe company in North Branford, Connecticut. “That makes the best use of time and resources for employers and sets the stage for employees to advance within the company.” Penn Globe is currently slated to enroll a number of its incumbent workers into a range of Goodwin’s continuing education workshops.

Learn more about Goodwin University’s CMWDI initiative at or contact Melanie Hoben, Director of Workforce Development, at or 860-913-2283.