What to Know Before Applying to Nursing School

Are you considering a career in nursing? Congratulations!  Nursing is an absolutely vital part of the healthcare field, and upon graduation you’ll be working closely with patients who need your care in a rewarding, in-demand field.

Your next step to becoming a nurse will be to apply to an outstanding nursing school that meets your needs. But what does it take to get into nursing school?

Applying to nursing school sounds simple, but there are several steps that make up the application and enrollment process. There are certain classes you must pass before entering nursing school, as well as are specific certifications you must obtain. There are several nursing school prerequisites that you might not have thought about before.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take before you can start your nursing education:

Apply to College

For many colleges, applying to a select admissions nursing program means that you first must meet the requirements for admission to that College in general. This is true here at Goodwin College, where applicants to the nursing program must first meet the requirements for admission and be accepted into the program.

Prospective Goodwin students can apply online or in person. An admissions counselor can meet with you to personally walk you through the steps towards your nursing degree. If you want to get a better feel for our nursing school before applying, we recommend attending one of our regular nursing information session.

On top of the college application, you will also be required to fill out an application specific to nursing school. If you are transferring from another institution, your college transcripts will be required, as well, to see if any previous credits can be applied. Here at Goodwin College, any prerequisite courses transferred from another college must be equivalent to Goodwin College courses and must meet the grade requirement of C+. In most colleges, you can only submit your nursing school application once you pass the required coursework.

Complete the Nursing Program Application

As mentioned above, on top of your normal college application, you must also fill out an application for admission to the nursing degree program. Official college transcripts are required with the application if you have courses from another institution that will need to be transferred in to meet the prerequisite courses required for admission or to use as proof of your level of education for the admission point system. Nursing applicants who have satisfied all of the admission criteria will be selected according to the point system found in the catalog.

Complete the Prerequisite Coursework

Once accepted into college, you will need to complete the specific coursework that is required of your school’s nursing program. At Goodwin, as with most nursing schools, the required prerequisite nursing courses include general English and math courses; chemistry; biology, typically with a clinical or laboratory component; anatomy and physiology; and applicants are strongly advised to complete microbiology.

Take the Exams

Students applying to nursing school must first complete an exam that covers subjects you studied in high school, such as reading, math, science, and English. It can help to purchase a study guide and take practice tests before the test of essential academic skills (TEAS) exam, just to brush up on your knowledge, get a strong score, and increase your likelihood of acceptance.

Prospective nursing students must also take the National League of Nursing (NLN) exam. Unlike most nursing colleges, however, Goodwin administers this exam three times a year (in January, May, and September) – and nursing students are accepted three times a year. Students must be enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology II in order to register for this pre-entrance exam.

Earn CPR Certification

Students are also required to become certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by the American Heart Association or the Red Cross before entering any nursing program, and must maintain certification throughout the nursing degree program.

Complete a Background Check and Drug Screening

One of the most common nursing school prerequisites is that students undergo a background check and drug screening. At Goodwin College, your tuition will cover the cost of both. The tests will ensure that each prospective nurse is qualified for a clinical, patient care setting, and confirm if there are any results that might get in the way of licensure down the road.

In addition, students are typically asked to submit a medical examination report by a physician, which details their physical and emotional health. This is also the chance to receive any necessary immunizations before the start of your nursing program.

To learn more about applying to nursing school at Goodwin College, or to explore our many nursing degree options, please visit www.goodwin.edu/majors/nursing or call 800-889-3282 today.