Advanced Nursing Degrees that Will Further Your Future (and Why)

Skilled nurses are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, employment of nurses across the nation is expected to climb 16 percent by the year 2024. And with nearly 1,000 jobs projected to open annually in Connecticut, there is no doubt that now is the time to advance your nursing career.

There are many different pathways to becoming a nurse. Most will start out by earning an associate’s degree and passing the state-required licensing exams, further certifying them as a registered nurse (RN). Some nurses, however, will choose to obtain more education than an associate’s degree. Some will go on to receive their Bachelor’s of Science Nursing (BSN) or a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) degree.

If you dream of landing a thriving, successful career as a nurse, know that some of the best job prospects will come with an advanced degree. Not only will advanced nursing degrees like a BSN or MSN increase your experience in the field, they can also lead to higher salaries and greater job opportunities.

Fact is, the rising demand for nurses is upping the competition, prompting more nursing applicants to step up to the plate. In a now competitive job market, you must have the skills and education needed to stand out to employers.

Whether you are a seasoned registered nurse or are just starting out in the field, know that an advanced nursing education is always in arm’s reach. As a career-focused nursing school in Connecticut, Goodwin College offers several advanced nursing degrees that are both flexible and affordable. If you want to expand your job prospects, deepen your healthcare experience, and achieve a profitable nursing position, consider the following advanced nursing degrees:

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN)

A BSN degree prepares graduates to practice in a variety of areas in the nursing field – from leadership positions to nursing jobs in the community, the opportunities available to a BSN grad stretch beyond the traditional nursing occupations.

A bachelor’s nursing program teaches effective communication, advanced research, and essential leadership skills. It also deepens the clinical experience of each student enrolled. According to the Institute of Medicine, graduates holding a BSN degree typically have more successful patient outcomes in the workforce, in addition to less patient falls, ulcers, and hospital-acquired infections.

Many employers, for these reasons, are starting to look for BSN graduates to fill their open nursing positions. In fact, over 78 percent of healthcare employers today actually express a strong preference for BSN nurses. And this is just the beginning. According to Nurse Journal, earning an advanced BSN degree will qualify you for more than 88 percent of the current, available nursing positions.

If you are considering pursuing a BSN degree at Goodwin College, you have several different options. If you do not have any previous nursing education, you can start by enrolling in our registered nursing program. This will put you on the path to earn your associate’s degree in nursing, which can be completed in 20-months part-time. After passing the National Council Licensure Exam at the end of your ADN program, you can continue on to complete your bachelor’s degree.

If you already have an associate’s nursing degree under your belt, you can enroll directly in our RN-to-BSN program, which can be completed in 16-months part-time. At Goodwin, the BSN courses are offered fully online, allowing you to earn an advanced nursing degree alongside your busy lifestyle.

Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Master’s degrees are required for advanced practical nursing positions. If you choose to pursue your MSN degree, you will be qualified for careers in nursing education, administration, informatics, as well as specialized positions like nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and advanced nurse practitioners.

The MSN path is said to be one of the best choices you can make to maximize career potential in the nursing field. Not only does this advanced nursing degree expand your job options, it also puts in you in the position for a higher level of pay. About 60 percent of the highest-paying nursing careers require a Master’s degree. The median annual salary for nurse practitioners with an MSN degree is $82,000.

Earning your Master’s degree is not as scary as it sounds. It does not necessarily mean extensive time in medical school. At Goodwin College, we understand that you have other obligations with family and work. That is why we designed our Master’s in Nursing program to be fully flexible and completely online. In just 20-months part-time, you can earn your MSN degree and dive into the workforce fast.

The advanced nursing degree path you choose will depend on several factors: your career goals and what you want to do as a nurse, as well as how much money you want to make and how much time you can commit to school. No matter which path you choose, whether RN to BSN or MSN, rest assured that an advanced nursing degree will be an incredible boost for your nursing career. Get started at Goodwin College by visiting or calling 800-889-3282 today.