5 Medical Assisting Courses You’ll Definitely Want to Attend

For those looking to get into the medical field, medical assisting can be a stable and rewarding career. As a medical assistant, you work under the supervision of physicians and facilitate their practice in every respect. In Goodwin College’s medical assistant program, you will be trained to handle the variety of administrative and clinical duties required of a medical assistant.

Goodwin’s students gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform duties including acting as the liaison between the physician and other individuals; scheduling patients for exams; taking patient vital signs; performing EKGs; collecting and processing specimens; preparing patients for procedures; updating filing records; and corresponding with insurance companies regarding patient matters. If this career field peaks your interest, here are five of Goodwin’s medical assisting courses that you just can’t miss!

Medical Law and Ethics

This introductory healthcare course addresses medical ethics, medical practice acts, legal responsibilities of the health professional, professional liability and the civic duties of the health professional. The class makes use of the Internet, newspapers and other publications for the discussion of current events related to medical law and ethics.

Medical Assisting: The Medical Office and Patient Care

A true foray into medical procedures, this freshman-year medical assisting course is designed to introduce you to basic medical procedures. You will gain an understanding of the cycle of infection, principles of medical asepsis, and the importance of Universal Precautions. You will also be taught how to create and maintain a medical record, including requirements for documenting in a medical record. You’ll learn to accurately obtain and record vital signs, common mensurations, and patient information. The proper documentation in the medical record of these measurements will also be emphasized. Lastly, you will learn to assist the physician with both an adult and pediatric history and physical exam, as well as establishing and maintaining the examination room.

Medical Assisting: Diagnostic Procedures

This intensive freshman year course is designed to teach you about various medical specialties and procedures; including Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology. In addition, you will become familiar with electrocardiography, radiology, and introduced to various first aid procedures. You’ll also learn various minor office procedure techniques.


From this sophomore year course, you will gain an understanding of drug sources, legislation relating to drugs, and drug references. Forms of drugs, drug classification and actions, and schedules of controlled drugs will also be covered. The medication order, identifying commonly prescribed medications, and basic principles for the administration of medications will be emphasized. The laboratory component of the course provides practical application of your knowledge. Basic mathematical skills necessary for the safe preparation and administration of medications to adult and pediatric patients will be reviewed.

Medical Office Management

There’s nothing like real world applications to teach you how to succeed in a medical office. This extensive course is a medical office simulation where you will be able to successfully manage a mock medical practice. You’ll have the opportunity to complete all aspects of the billing process from registration to filing of the insurance claim. Medical office procedures, including scheduling appointments, accounting, mail processing, and confidentiality regulations are also covered.

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