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Faculty Senate


Sherrilyn Bernier, Ed.D., HS-BCP, President

Sherri Bernier, Ed.D. an Assistant Professor in the Human Services Department since 2012, truly believes in the mission of Goodwin College.

Dr. Sherrilyn Bernier, Ed.D., HS-BCP, associate professor in the Goodwin College Human Services program, truly believes in the mission of Goodwin College. Known to her students as Dr. B., she is the advisor to the Tau Upsilon Alpha Human Services National Honor Society, co-advisor of the Human Services Club, and 2013 recipient of the Goodwin College “Make a Difference” award. Her teaching philosophy incorporates motivation and empowerment as strong stimuli in progressive learning. She received a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Hartford, an M.S. in Counseling and a B.A. in Sociology from Central Connecticut State University, and an A.S. in General Studies and a certificate in Human Services from Tunxis Community College. She has taught courses in Human Services, Educational Research, Psychology, and So¬ciology in colleges throughout Connecticut. Her research has been presented in Connecticut, Virginia, Texas, Indiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Dr. Bernier holds the credential of Human Services Board Certified Practitioner and is the president of the New England Organization for Human Services.

Sherri’s professional career in healthcare and social services spans more than 20 years. She has worked in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, vocational agencies, and non-profit organizations. These positions involved working with clients, families, state agencies, healthcare providers, caregivers, and board members.

Dr. Bernier is the founder of Bernier Hypnosis and Life Enrichment, LLC using hypnosis to guide clients to well-being and empowerment. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, where she presents her Breast Cancer Voyage program. Dr. Bernier is a 19-year breast cancer survivor.

Duties of the President are as follows:

  1. Presides at meetings of the Faculty Senate
  2. Sets times and location of Faculty Senate meetings
  3. Opens meetings of the Faculty Senate at the time for which they are called
  4. Recognizes members entitled to have the floor
  5. States and puts to a vote all questions regularly moved and announces the result of the vote; or, if a motion is out of order, rules it out of order.
  6. Reports on approved motions to the college community and Board of Trustees as needed.
  7. Sits on the Board of Trustees as a voting member as the representative of the faculty.
  8. Accepts responsibility for communicating to, and acting as the representative of the faculty, to any necessary college officials, including the Faculty and Staff Forum, about the concerns of the Senate.
  9. Enforces good decorum
  10. Has the authority to set time limits on reports and debates. Any Senate member can, however, motion for more time with the approval of the voting membership present.

Kelli Goodkowsky, M.Ed., HT (ASCP), Vice President

Kelli has been the Director of Clinical Education in Histologic Science at Goodwin College since November 2012. Previously the Supervisor for Histology and Cytology at Holyoke Medical Center, Kelli brings more than 25 years of experience supervising surgical pathology laboratories with a focus on providing superior care of all patient specimens. She was an active member of the Medical Center’s Environment of Care Committee, a member of the Laboratory’s College of American Pathologist’s (CAP) Inspection Team, the Laboratory Safety Officer, and co-facilitator of the Medical Center’s Cancer Support Group. She is active in the Connecticut Society for Histotechnology and sits on the Education Committee for the National Society for Histotechnology.

Kelli maintains, “Professionalism, honesty, and compassion are integral to a productive and committed team approach. Having worked in the hospital setting for most of my career, I bring to my students an understanding of the culture of health care and an understanding of the importance of accountability and reliability.” She stresses that, no matter what stage in life we are in, there is always room for growth and for education. Kelli’s personal philosophy is: “There is no finish line.”

Randy Laist, Ph.D., Secretary

Randy has been teaching English in one form or another for more than 20 years. Over the course of his career, he has taught elementary school, middle school, high school, and college students, and this variety of experience has provided him with a rich perspective regarding the differences and similarities among the various stages of a person’s educational journey, as well as the manner in which these stages all fit together into a coherent picture. Working with the diverse student body at Goodwin College has given him daily opportunities to translate this experience into practical strategies for addressing the needs of different kinds of learners, and, every day, his own understanding of what it means to be an educated person is challenged and deepened by the students’ commitment, creativity, and passion.

Randy received his bachelor’s, two master’s degrees, and my doctorate all from the University of Connecticut. He has published two books, Technology and Postmodern Subjectivity in Don DeLillo’s Novels and Cinema of Simulation: Hyperreal Hollywood in the Long 90s, and edited two collections of essays: Looking for Lost: Critical Perspectives on the Enigmatic Series and Plants and Literature: Essays in Critical Plant Studies. He has published dozens of articles on literature, film, culture, and teaching, and has presented papers at scores of academic conferences. He is motivated by his conviction that writing is a powerful tool for understanding the times we live in, discovering our own potential, and changing the world. He aspires to communicate to my English students the same passion for writing that has played such an important role in his own life.

Kelson Ettienne-Modeste, MD., Executive Board Member at Large

An assistant professor in the Health and Natural Sciences department, Dr. Kelson Ettienne-Modeste joined Goodwin College in 2010. He has instructed students in the biological sciences for almost two decades at institutions in the Northeast. He teaches anatomy and physiology, and has instructed a variety of courses including forensic, introduction to healthcare, and electrocardiography. In 2013, he was awarded an OIE fellowship to design and implement a faculty mentorship program at Goodwin College. In 2014, Kelson led and launched the College’s inaugural faculty mentoring program, which led to the creation of the Judith Zimmerman Center for Teaching Excellence in 2015. He has a genuine passion for teaching and assuring that his students remain lifelong learners.

Kelson recently served a one-year term as vice chair of the Intercultural Inclusivity Committee, followed by an additional year as committee chair. He has contributed to other initiatives at the College, including the development of master’s degree programs.

Health equity in the practice of healthcare, public health, and education is a reality Kelson wants to materialize in the near future. Enhancements and diversification in all areas of human involvement will bring this fruition sooner, he believes. Attaining a holistic education is a starting point. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in science from Trinity College in 1991; a medical degree from Howard University in 1995; a State of Connecticut Teaching Certificate from Southern Connecticut State University in 2001; and completed a public health fellowship with The Connecticut Health Foundation in 2008.

Kelson has three children, all of whom have a strong interest in the sciences and are avid outdoor adventurers.

Barbara Morey, Ph.D(c), APRN, M.S.N., B.S.N., Nominating Committee Chair

Barbara has worked in the nursing field for over 42 years, in multiple areas of nursing. She has been a faculty member at Goodwin College for 12 years, starting with the AD program and helping to develop the RN-BSN program for the College. She has served as a member and executive board secretary of the Board of Directors for Connecticut League of Nursing; a member of Sigma Theta Tau International — Iota Upsilon-at-Large Chapter; and a past member of the Connecticut School Indoor Environment Resource Team representing Connecticut School Nurses.

Barbara is a past trainer on Managing Asthma Triggers for the State of Connecticut School Nurses by the National Association of School Nurses.

Her education includes earning a B.S.N. from Central Connecticut State University and an M.S.N., Advance Practice Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, from the University of Hartford.

Barbara’s publications include “Could the Bone Pain Be Paget’s Disease?” Nursing Spectrum. She has co-authored a research paper titled “Hispanic Inpatient Pain Intensity,” presently in review for the Western Journal of Nursing Research. This paper will be presented at the Annual Eastern Nursing Research Society Conference and the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society. In addition, she has co-authored “The Effect of Personal Relevance on Inpatient Falls” for the Journal of Nursing Administration; co-presented two paper presentations at the Annual Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Nursing Research Day; and co-presented a poster at the Annual Evidence-Based Proactive Conference: Revolutionizing Nursing Practice through Education.

As part of her teaching philosophy, Barbara believes that nursing provides assistance to influence patients and clients of all ages in achieving an optimal level of self-care. This can be done in all areas of fundamental needs and intervention to add, reinforce, or increase strength, will, or knowledge. Through a sound education and research base, nursing can provide this unique and distinct framework of care when dealing with health in a holistic fashion.