Why Consider an Early College Preparatory Program for Your High School Student?

Getting accepted into college is more competitive than it has ever been. From test scores, to GPA requirements, to extracurricular activities, there are so many different factors that college admission officers take into account when evaluating applicants. With such a rigorous admissions process, it is extremely important for students and parents to start preparing for college early. One way to get a head start is to consider attending a college preparatory program, like Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), where students follow an early college high school model.

CTRA, although not technically a college prep school, offers an early college model of education, and it is a great option for high school students looking for a college preparatory program environment. The transition from high school to college is always an adjustment, however, at CTRA, we believe in providing students with the resources and skills needed to make the transition seamless.

CTRA is unlike many other high schools in that it allows students to get started on their college courses long before college even begins, and at no additional tuition cost. Not only do CTRA students have the opportunity to take a full range of high school courses, but they can also earn up to 30 transferable college credits. This early college model allows students to immerse themselves in the academic demands and environment of college so that they establish a solid educational foundation for their collegiate success.

At CTRA, our curriculum is centered around sustainability and teaching students about the importance of making responsible decisions to ensure the welfare of all aspect of life including the economy, society, and nature. This sustainability theme dives deep into two specific areas of study—advanced manufacturing and environmental studies.   Both disciplines focus on the Connecticut River watershed area, which is right in CTRA’s backyard.

In addition to leveraging the natural elements on our campus, students also have access to hands-on learning environments inside the classroom. Each student is provided with their own laptop computer and they have access to state-of-the-art technology throughout the school.

Beyond the curriculum, CTRA also offers students the ability to experience real life scenarios to prepare them for what lies ahead. CTRA students have the opportunity to pursue internship opportunities, where they can gain real work experience working with a plethora of different technology and advanced science organizations in the area. This not only prepares them for college, but for life long beyond the classroom.

CTRA’s early college preparatory program model offers immense benefits to teens because we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. Students shouldn’t be confined to the walls of a classroom, but instead immersed in an environment that encourages collaboration, self and global awareness, and sustainability. CTRA’s hands-on environment, will give students the competitive edge necessary for today’s competitive college applicant pools.

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