Graduating with a BSN Degree? 5 Things to Put On Your Resume

“The day is coming when trained nurses will be required to possess a college education before being admitted to training.”-  Susan B. Anthony, 1902

With more and more nurses earning a bachelor’s degree, joining a BSN program can be a great way to stay ahead of the curve in the job market in CT and around the country. And as you prepare your resume to pursue a job in nursing, here are five things you should make sure to highlight:

Nursing Education Details

You’ve just earned your bachelor’s in nursing, making you a stand-out candidate. Make sure to point that out! Connecticut is advancing towards an 80% BSN workforce by the year 2020, and even now 78.6% of all healthcare employers express strong preference for BSN graduates. You should also include details of your education, including the name of your school, your training received, and scholastic achievements, awards, and commendations.

Honors and Awards

On top of your awards from school—were you inducted into the Honor Society of Nursing?—be sure to highlight any other commendations or special recognitions you’ve received. This includes any special assignments you may have received in previous nursing positions, special recognition you received as part of an internship, and non-nursing specific scholastic awards. Anything that sets you apart from the pack can be invaluable!

Nursing License and Certification

Make sure you clearly state the details of your nursing licenses, including the type of license you’ve received (LPN, RN, etc.) as well as it the licensing body and expiration date of the license. The same holds true for any certifications you hold.

Previous Facility Experience

Nurses can work in a wide variety of locations—hospitals, private practices, schools, and more—and so listing your previous facility experience can tell a recruiter a lot about the type of work you are familiar with. If you have worked at or interned with multiple job locations, make sure to highlight them.

Specific Duties and Accomplishments in Nursing

Whether you’ve simply completed multiple internships hours, or have years of experience behind you in the nursing field, make sure you highlight the duties you’ve undertaken. Of course, nurses duties are wide and varied—you’ll be wearing many hats every hour of every day on the job—so considering which duties to highlight can be a challenge. Be specific! “Caring for patients” isn’t a special skill, it’s what’s expected. Talk about the specific tasks you’ve completed, and if you’ve had special duties or accomplishments during your time as a nurse make sure to highlight them.

Ultimately a BSN degree is a great way to stand out when looking for career advancement opportunities!

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