Technical High School vs. Technology High School: What is the Difference?

We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. And within it, there are many great technologies that have helped advance the world of education. Today, students are granted the opportunity to learn with innovative tools, resources, and programs – right in the classroom.

There are many different technology-focused high schools in Connecticut. However, many parents and teens assume that a technology high school offers the same learning environment and experiences as a technical high school. While there are some similarities between these two types of schools, it is important to note that a technical high school can be different than a high school inspired by technology.

Understanding the similarities and differences between these two types of schools is imperative for parents, so that they can choose the best educational environment for their teens to excel – in high school and beyond.

The similarities between a technical high school and a technology high school.

Let’s start with the similarities between a technical high school and a technology inspired high school. Both of these types of schools offer unique learning experiences, allowing students to focus on their specific interests or talents and providing them with the resources and environments to do so.

For example, at Connecticut River Academy, a technology inspired high school in the Greater Hartford area, students enjoy a curriculum with many opportunities for hands-on learning, discovery, and exploration based on their interests.

Furthermore, while both a technical high school and technology high school allow students to focus on their specific interests, both schools also require students to complete a core academic curriculum. This touches on basic subjects such as science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and languages, which help lay an important foundation for future success.

The differences between a technical high school and a technology high school.

There are a few notable differences between a technical high school and a technology high school. The biggest difference is that technology high schools, like Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), offer a theme-based education, which means that the curriculum is designed around a central theme, such as math orscience.

At Connecticut River Academy, the focal theme is sustainability, which includes two specific areas of study: environmental science and advanced manufacturing. Both of these areas allow students the opportunity to access and utilize high-end technology including state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, and high-tech machinery, thus making CTRA a technology inspired high school.

A technical high school, on the other hand, can differ in that the curriculum prepares students for specific, in-demand jobs. Technical high school courses do not necessarily focus on a theme, but rather, the practical education and skills training needed in given careers. Graduates of a technical high school generally leave with the credentials and skills necessary to get started within their job markets right away, or to enroll in career-focused college program to continue their technical education.

Deciding which educational environment is right for your teen is a personal choice for every family. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about Connecticut River Academy, our technology magnet high school, on the Goodwin College campus in East Hartford, CT.

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