Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin College

Frequently Asked Questions about Goodwin's Environmental Science and Technology High School

What is the Connecticut River Academy?

The Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin College (CTRA) is a LEARN magnet high school with a campus featuring state-of-the-art technology located along the historic Connecticut River in East Hartford. CTRA's Sustainability Theme provides hands-on learning in Environmental Science and Advanced Manufacturing. CTRA's Early College Theme offers unique college and career experiences, including the opportunity to earn tuition free college credits.

Where is the Connecticut River Academy?

The Connecticut River Academy is conveniently located on the Goodwin College riverside campus in East Hartford along the route 2 corridor.

Why do we call the Connecticut River Academy an "early college high school"?

Connecticut River Academy students have direct access to the same facilities as regular Goodwin College students. Academy students work with Goodwin College faculty starting in grade 9 and can take credit-bearing courses at the College starting in grade 11. Students who maintain a high level of academic achievement can earn up to a year of college credit in a wide range of academic areas, including courses in Environmental Science, Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Human Services, Business Administration, and Advanced Manufacturing.

What are the normal hours that school is in session?

In order to maximize student learning, the Connecticut River Academy has an extended day program. Our day’s learning starts at 7:45 a.m. and goes until 3:00 p.m. every day. After-school programs are also available, as are opportunities for advanced enrichment.

What type of science courses does the Academy offer?

The Connecticut River Academy immerses students in sustainability studies starting in grade 9, with offerings in environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, engineering, manufacturing and other advanced science courses, at both the high school and college levels.

Does the Academy only offer science courses?

While the Connecticut River Academy incorporates a strong science focus into its curriculum, the Academy is a Comprehensive High School, offering the full range of courses in English, social studies, mathematics, and world languages – both Spanish and Chinese – as well as the arts, physical education, and health.

Will the credits I earn at Goodwin College be accepted by other colleges?

All credits earned as part of the dual enrollment program generate Goodwin College credit and are reflected in a college transcript received at high school graduation. Goodwin College has agreements with state universities and community colleges in Connecticut, the University of Hartford, Saint Joseph University, Charter Oak State College, and many other colleges. For more information please click here.