Rosanna Getty

Rosanna Getty: Creating a Sustainable Environment

Rosanna Getty, Environmental Studies student at Goodwin College and self-proclaimed “nature girl,” is an enthusiastic advocate for environmental sustainability.

Having worked as a bartender for 10 years, Getty decided to come to Goodwin to pursue a degree in a field she is passionate about: environmental stewardship. She believes it’s important for people to realize that our population is growing and resources are finite.

Getty feels that being able to do field work directly on the Connecticut River has been a huge advantage to her progress. Her core classes have allowed her to learn about wildlife, biology, ecology, chemistry, and other sciences. “Everything is coming together nicely,” she said. “I love what I’m learning and where I’m learning. It’s not just out of a book.”

Her professors have motivated her to do more and learn more. “The faculty members at Goodwin are worldly, charismatic, and have so many connections,” Getty explained.

Even the campus itself is a source of inspiration for her studies and a great example of sustainability. In developing and remediating the riverfront property, Goodwin was awarded multiple EPA Brownfield grants to convert contaminated industrial properties into the site for the new college campus. “It all connects. Comparing photos of the brownfields to what the campus looks like now is amazing,” Getty stated.

Getty hopes to continue her education, pursue her master’s in Environmental Studies, and become an environmental consultant.