Robin Cournoyer: “You can always go back. It’s never too late.”

From a very young age, Robin Cournoyer, Goodwin College Assistant Professor of Nursing and Course Coordinator Pedi/OB, knew she wanted to be a teacher. Her lifelong goal was to obtain a position at a college that served a diverse population — and she’s done just that.

“When contemplating my career path in the 80’s, I realized there was a severe lack of open positions for teachers,” she recalled. “I did know, however, if I went into Nursing, I would be guaranteed a job.”

Nursing school wasn’t easy for Cournoyer, and when she graduated in 1981 she decided she wanted to return to school to teach nursing, capitalizing on her experiences as a student. “I felt that I could be a good teacher because I could relate to the students who struggled.”

She started a master’s degree program that year, but marriage and a new family delayed her plans.

Cournoyer worked as a full-time nurse and established a childcare consulting business that promoted the creation of the safe and healthy environments for children and staff.

Thirty-four years later, Cournoyer completed her master’s degree and was offered a full-time position at Goodwin College starting just days after she graduated.

“You can always go back,” she said. “It’s never too late.”

Cournoyer wants her students to make the nursing field a better place. “I’m here to serve the students and help them see their potential.”