Open Your Eyes to a Career in Ophthalmic Science


Opticians are responsible for analyzing and interpreting prescriptions to determine lenses that are best suited for a patient’s lifestyle and visual needs, as well as ensuring the best fit and visual acuity of contact lenses. With 65% of Americans wearing some type of vision corrective device, the demand for eye care professionals continues to rise.

The Goodwin College optician program is the only optician school of its kind in the Capitol Region, combining the best practices in hands-on technical work, caring customer service, and patient interaction skills. As part of this amazing program, Goodwin launched a state-of-the-art optical fabrication laboratory, contact lenses laboratory, and Optical Training Store all at 403 Main St., East Hartford. Students of Goodwin’s Ophthalmic Science program have access to this brand new optician training facility.

Under the direct supervision of a clinical instructor, optician program students assist with and fit eyewear for individuals at the store, which models the setting of a traditional optical practice. The store operates to patients presenting prescriptions less than a year old, and allows students the opportunity to get live, hands-on experience in the field under a controlled environment.

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