Michele Miller

Michele Miller: “Ophthalmic Science is a hidden gem”

When Michele Miller enrolled in Goodwin College’s Ophthalmic Science program, she had already spent 12 years as an oral surgery assistant. She spoke enthusiastically about what she believes having an education will do for her new career.

As a single mom of two, she decided it was time to focus on her own education. Her children’s support and inspiration have given her the confidence to succeed. “They make me feel like a great role model,” she said.

Opticians are responsible for analyzing and interpreting prescriptions to determine lenses that are best suited for a patient’s lifestyle and visual needs, as well as ensuring the best fit and visual acuity of contact lenses.

As for why she chose the program at Goodwin, Miller put it simply: “The Ophthalmic Science program is a hidden gem.”

In class, students study the technical aspects of eye care, but they also learn interpersonal skills. “There is a lot that goes into a pair of glasses and the precision needed to interpret lenses, but it’s also important to know how to communicate with people,” Miller said.

Miller noted that if it weren’t for Goodwin’s evening program, she would not have had the opportunity to attend school. “I needed a full-time job to support my family.”

With two semesters still left to complete the Ophthalmic Science program, Miller has already landed a full-time position in the field. “I was encouraged by my professors, I put my resume out there, and I got the job,” Miller stated.

Miller credits Goodwin’s ability to go above and beyond for its students. “If you have a question, it gets answered.”

Rebecca Soto, Ophthalmic Science faculty member and practicum coordinator, attests to the sense of camaraderie among the students and faculty in the Goodwin program by stating: “The way I see it is that our students are going to be our coworkers in a year.”

When asked what advice Miller would share with prospective students about the program, she said, “Don’t shy away from the program because of your age. I’ve met students from all walks of life here, and I’ve learned something from everyone. If you have doubts, come visit Goodwin. You’ll understand.”

Miller hopes to work for a doctor or own her own shop one day.

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