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The LPN Exam Requirements

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) means navigating specific requirements and preparations, including the successful completion of the NCLEX-PN exam. The NCLEX-PN is the LPN exam that every practical nurse must pass to begin practicing in their state. However, it is not the only exam that LPNs will come across.

Luckily, Goodwin’s LPN certificate program equips students with essential nursing skills and ensures they are fully prepared for the challenges of the NCLEX-PN exam.

Furthermore, the LPN program prepares aspiring LPNs to deliver patient care in various healthcare settings. The curriculum aligns with the LPN licensing exam requirements, preparing students for success in the exam room and outside of it.

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) evaluates candidates’ ability to provide safe patient care, promote health, and maintain integrity. Although an outside regulatory body administers the exam, Goodwin’s program equips students with the knowledge and eligibility needed to sit for the exam and pass it with confidence.

LPN Program Entrance Exam and Other Requirements

Prospective students interested in enrolling in an LPN program like Goodwin’s must complete several steps to apply. One of these steps includes the completion of the TEAS exam, one of the first exams that aspiring LPNs might come across. The TEAS exam is a standardized test commonly used for entrance into a healthcare program. It tests applicants on science, math, and language, as well as their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It helps provide a baseline for future health practitioners.

At Goodwin, LPN candidates need to achieve a minimum score of 48% on the ATI TEAS exam. Scores must be submitted directly to Goodwin via the ATI website. Applicants must provide proof of a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

In addition to academic requirements, LPN applicants are also generally required to complete an application form for their desired program, like Goodwin’s here, including personal information, educational background, and contact details.

Once the application and all required documents, including TEAS scores and proof of education, are submitted, applicants may be invited for an interview.

Finally, the interview process allows the admissions committee to evaluate an LPN candidate’s motivation, suitability, and level of readiness to meet the demands of a licensed practical nurse.

LPN Program Acceptance Requirements

Upon acceptance into the LPN program, students must then fulfill specific criteria before commencing their studies, including:

  • Submitting an oftentimes nonrefundable tuition deposit to secure their place
  • Completing a thorough medical examination
  • Providing up-to-date vaccination records, including an annual influenza vaccine (Note: While Hepatitis B immunization is optional, it is strongly recommended for healthcare professionals.)
  • Obtaining a valid CPR certification
  • Undergoing a background check
  • Completing a drug test

After being accepted into the LPN program, Goodwin students must also attend an orientation session to receive essential information about the program structure, policies, learning materials, and expectations. They will receive their schedule for classes and clinical rotations, which typically include both classroom instruction and hands-on training in healthcare facilities under the supervision of licensed nurses.

Students are expected to abide by academic standards and display professional behavior during their time in the program, including following dress codes, maintaining confidentiality, and demonstrating clinical skills through evaluations and assessments conducted by faculty members.

Throughout the program, students can also access academic advising and support services assisting them with their educational and personal needs. This includes tutoring, counseling, and career services, helping students excel academically to prepare them for transitioning into the workforce as licensed practical nurses.


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What is the NCLEX-PN Exam?

The NCLEX-PN stands for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. Also known as “The Boards” for aspiring LPNs, the NCLEX-PN is an essential examination for practical nurses, ensuring safe practice as entry-level healthcare practitioners. For those aspiring to become licensed practical nurses, passing the NCLEX-PN is a mandatory part of their training to confirm a new nurse’s ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios, ensuring they can safely practice as nurses.

The LPN exam utilizes Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), adjusting question difficulty based on previous responses. It comprises 85-205 multiple-choice questions, including alternative questions such as fill-in-the-blank and multiple responses. If necessary, candidates have up to five hours to complete the exam and may retake it 45 days after the first attempt.

When can you take the NCLEX-PN?

While requirements vary slightly by state, in Connecticut, applicants are eligible for practical nurse licensure after completing a state-approved practical nursing program that includes at least 1,500 hours of theory, over no less than ten months. Additionally, at least 50% of practical contact hours must have been completed in supervised direct client care experiences.

Once meeting these NCLEX-PN eligibility requirements, students can register for the examination online with Pearson Vue, the test administrator.

How do you pass the NCLEX-PN?

Well, that’s a good question. And the answer is—it depends on when you take it. Because nursing practice evolves over time, the NCSBN Board of Directors has decided to reevaluate passing standards every three years to ensure best practices are kept up with.

Most recently, the NCSBN Board of Directors (BOD) voted to uphold the passing standard of -0.18 logits for the NCLEX-PN examination through March 31, 2026.

Yes, it’s a bit confusing. For our purposes, a logit is defined as a unit of measurement to report relative differences between candidate ability estimates and item difficulties.

To put it in simpler terms, you currently have to get about 50% of the questions correct to pass the exam.

Learn more about the most up-to-date information on the NCLEX-PN passing standard.

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Becoming a licensed practical nurse requires unwavering commitment through dedication and thorough preparation. The LPN program at Goodwin not only prepares students academically but also ensures they meet the practical requirements necessary for professional development in the healthcare industry.

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