Kathryn Racicot

Kathryn Racicot: “Medical Assisting is such a great stepping stone”

A mere three days after graduating from Goodwin College’s Medical Assisting program, Kathryn Racicot started her new position at Generations Family Health Center in Norwich.

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer while still in her twenties, Racicot stepped away from her former career as a teacher. She took the time to consider her options and to plan a fresh start.

Now in her thirties, Racicot looked back on the transition and explained how her learning process differed from that of a traditional age student.

Kathryn Racicot, medical assisting student“I was able to focus more this time around,” Racicot noted. “I learn in a hands-on way, and that’s how Goodwin teaches. I got more out of my associate degree at Goodwin than I got out of my previous bachelor’s degree.”

Racicot was able to work as a pharmacy technician while in school. “It was nice that Goodwin offered night classes.”

Now, almost five years cancer free and with a full-time position in the healthcare field, Racicot has a new outlook on life.

“Everything happens for a reason,” she said.  “I enjoy getting to know patients and their stories — the good and the bad.”

Her experience on the other side of the bed has given her a unique perspective that will benefit her in this profession. “My passion and personal experiences set me apart,” Racicot said. “Medical Assisting is such a great stepping stone.”

With dreams to become an ultrasound technician or possibly work in pediatrics or OBGYN someday, Racicot is excited for what’s to come.

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