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Riverside Magnet School: “A more interactive school than most.”

An Riverside Magnet School parent and East Hartford resident, wanted her daughter to start school in a supportive environment that would allow for both creativity and expression.

She noticed the construction when the Riverside Magnet School was being built and kept a close eye on it.  “I went to an information session to learn more.”

After visiting, she decided to apply to the school through the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO). “I’m so glad my daughter was accepted,” she stated. “The school is new, which is great, and I love the teachers and staff.”

She has been able to watch her daughter grow and become a leader. “My daughter has really been able to open up here,” she noted.

She appreciates the comfort of the community-oriented atmosphere. “The Riverside Magnet School is a more interactive school than most,” she said. “My favorite part about the school is that they want families to get involved.”

Her daughter was a part of a magnet school program called Summer Studio, where she was able to continue her education through the summer months.

“The children learn through experiences,” she said. “The lesson plan was centered on food and how it’s made, so the teachers took them to a restaurant to make pizza; they walked to the Community Garden down the road to plant fruit and vegetables; and they took a field trip to a farm to pick berries.”

She believes that children will be more receptive to learning if they are allowed a say in the matter. “Kids are smart,” she noted. “If you let them guide the way, they will enjoy the process.”

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