Greater Hartford Magnet School

Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College

Riverside Magnet School parent commented on how her daughter has flourished since being accepted into the Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College (formerly the Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School).

When searching for potential magnet schools in Connecticut, she attended a parent information session at Goodwin College to learn more about the Riverside Magnet School. “I was really excited about the presence of a Reggio Emilia-based school,” she stated. “My daughter’s daycare was run by a woman educated in that approach and the possibility of continuing was really appealing to me.”

She thinks that the connection to Goodwin College “adds a different dimension of energy, resources, and professionalism.”

She believes that the Riverside Magnet School creates a great foundation for learning. “The school fosters a sense of creativity, and they really take advantage of how imaginative children are in their early years.”

She noticed that her daughter’s curiosity and interest in the world have increased since being in school. “My daughter doesn’t have any negative association to school,” she commented. “She doesn’t want to leave when the day is over.”

As for the environment, she describes it as “warm and nurturing.” “They embrace differences,” she noted. “We want our daughter to grow up with classmates, teachers and friends from a variety of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

095She also appreciates the physical aesthetics of the school. “The building is beautiful with lots of natural light. You can tell it was intentionally designed to carry out the Reggio Emilia approach.”

The Riverside Magnet School focuses on children’s interests and fosters a sense of independence and creativity. “The lesson plans are very child driven. It is a great place for children to learn to think for themselves.”

She values the open door policy and positive communication within the Riverside Magnet School community. “Parents are invited to get involved however they can.” She is a part of the Family Community Committee, where she shares ideas with the faculty and staff, attends workshops, volunteers, and talks to people in the community.

Not only is the Riverside Magnet School a good match for her daughter, but Schmeiser also finds it convenient for working parents. “My partner and I live in Portland, but work in Hartford. The Riverside Magnet School is on the way to work so it’s convenient to drop her off in the morning.”

She believes that her daughter is exactly where she should be. “I can’t imagine a school in Greater Hartford where students would get a better start, or where they would be more seen or more respected than here,” she stated. “They have the capacity to learn and grow so beautifully.”

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