Goodwin College Donates to East Hartford Library

Goodwin College Donates $100K to East Hartford Library

On June 25, representatives of Goodwin College and East Hartford officials gathered on the steps of the Raymond Library to celebrate a $100,000 donation from the College to the library’s ongoing renovation project. The gift was part of the library’s “Everybody Loves Raymond” fundraising campaign.

“The way Goodwin has stepped up is significant,” Mayor Marcia Leclerc said of the College’s donation. “Without this extra donation from Goodwin College, we wouldn’t have the beautiful landscape and other amenities to make this library special.”

The mayor said that the $9 million renovation of the Raymond Library has been one of the highlights of her administration in town.

“This is really exciting,” she said, “and another opportunity for us to partner with Goodwin College.”

Director of Libraries Susan Hansen said she was eager to see the library renovations coming towards completion, and is excited for the future of the Raymond Library.

“It’s very exciting to receive this generous donation from Goodwin to be able to finish this project beyond our dreams,” Hansen said. “This project is going to serve our community for the next 20 years and beyond.”

Goodwin president Mark Scheinberg said he was also thrilled to see the progress of the renovations, and was happy to be able to contribute to Goodwin’s own local community.
“Raymond Library is really going to be something special,” Scheinberg said. “Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to contribute to this. This is something that our children and our children’s children will use to better themselves. We’re honored to be part of this process.”

Once the renovations are completed, the new library will have several community rooms, an enhanced children’s library, a young adult room, a communal maker’s space, and private study area.

“We always want to be supportive of East Hartford,” Scheinberg said. “We’re looking forward to collaborations in the future.”