Goodwin south main street campus

Goodwin College Breaks Ground on Revitalization Project

Goodwin College Breaks Ground on Revitalization Project
Collaboration, boldness, economic innovation are themes as new commercial space begins

On October 11, at a ceremony attended by local and state officials, business leaders, architectural and construction professionals, faculty, staff, trustees, and other supporters, Goodwin College broke ground at their property on the corner of Main and Ensign Streets in East Hartford. This is considered the school’s first new construction project specifically targeted at revitalizing the South Main Street campus area, bringing commercial and retail businesses, services, new jobs, and added vibrancy to the area.

The 25,000–square-foot complex will cost an estimated $8 million and, as a commercially taxable property, add approximately $1.3 million in taxes to the town over an 8-year phase-in period in. It will also realize $260 thousand in permitting fees to the town. Set back from the corner of Main and Ensign, it will welcome visitors into a reimagined neighborhood that leads to the Connecticut River, other commercial and residential spaces, and the Goodwin College campus.

“This project will be a springboard. The south end of East Hartford is ripe for this type of development,” said Goodwin president Mark Scheinberg. “It includes access to the river and recreation. It will keep people — and their purchasing — in town. If we do this right, this area will become a true destination.”

“At Goodwin, we’ve believed in this idea for a very long time,” he added.

It was a day to celebrate collaboration. East Hartford mayor Marcia Leclerc pointed out how cooperation between the Town and the College has brought about achievements in which everyone wins. “I’m excited about the possibilities,” she said. “Goodwin College challenges the processes… not just for moving people forward — now they’re moving land mass and development forward in East Hartford.”

Last to speak was Congressman John Larson, who urged continued bold thinking for East Hartford to realize its full potential, observing, “True collaboration in this day and age is elusive. It’s people understanding that this what we have to do for future generations.”

Citing a sign that hangs in his office, he concluded, “Without vision there is no victory.”

Completion is expected in the fall of 2020.