Desmond Batts: Making Clean Water a Priority

Desmond Batts, a graduate of Goodwin’s bachelor’s degree program in Environmental Studies, has big plans for his future and for the environment.

While at Goodwin, he focused on mastering River and Stream Ecology. “I chose to become an expert in the field of water,” Batts said. “I would rather be a master of a subject than a jack of all trades.”

Batts speaking before Hartford City Council.
Batts speaking before Hartford City Council.

Currently, Batts is the community organizer and speaker for the Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice. “My scientific background from Goodwin gives me credibility when I speak.” Batts also received his Water Management Certificate while in school.

His passion for the environment is evident, and his desire for additional knowledge motivated him to apply to a master’s degree program in Environmental Science at the University of New Haven. He was accepted into the program just three days after he applied and begins classes this fall.

Batts will be focusing on fresh water emerging contaminants and hopes to develop a more efficient testing procedure to remove pharmaceuticals from drinking water.

The world needs more people like Batts — eager and inspired to make a change. “Every day we are causing detriment to the environment. We need concerned, caring people who will make a difference.”

As for his experience at Goodwin, Batts says he will remember his time here for the rest of his life. “I can say with reverence and pride that I am a Goodwin graduate,” Batts commented. “I will take what I learned at Goodwin to the University of New Haven and beyond.”

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