Collins Scholarship Fund Increases Opportunities for Students to Finish College

East Hartford residents Frank and Ceil Collins remain steadfast in their passion for helping hard-working students succeed in their career goals at Goodwin College. Their present vision is intentionally designed to benefit students for generations to come.

After attending Goodwin’s Fall Scholarship Reception last year, the Collinses made a powerful, personal statement by increasing their financial support to address the growing need for scholarship opportunities at Goodwin. Frank, a longstanding member of the Goodwin College Foundation Board, established the Collins Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2014 to strengthen the financial resources that help Goodwin students complete their educations. Since its establishment, the fund has doubled in size and continues to grow, recently benefiting two students in need, both in the College’s Nursing program.

Since their initial agreement with Goodwin College, the Collinses have significantly increased their philanthropic giving, helping even more students through multiple, increasingly larger scholarships. They intend for this assistance to provide financial support not only for tuition, but also for the critical day-to-day expenses that can often present barriers to student success.

“Frank and Ceil Collins have been making scholarship gifts to Goodwin College for years,” said Director of Advancement Holly Winters. “When they created their endowment fund a few years ago, they wanted to keep adding to something that would outlast their involvement at the College, and that would encourage their neighbors and friends to give. They believe that a gift doesn’t necessarily have to be large, but the collective support of individual donors does make a huge difference to Goodwin’s hard-working students who need it most.”

To learn more about how to support student scholarships at Goodwin, please contact Rachel Gaudette at 860-291-9934 or

Shown in photo, l to r, Holly Winters, Frank Collins, Ceil Collins, Mark Scheinberg, and Brooke Penders