Salary Information for CNC Machinists

Awesome things are made in Connecticut. From aircraft engines and submarines to buttons and baked goods, manufacturing in Connecticut is thriving! Manufacturing industry technology is getting leaner and it’s getting greener. Modern production techniques create considerably less waste. Products can be made “smarter” but they can’t make themselves. A new breed of advanced manufacturing professionals is needed to lead the way.

CNC Machinists set up and operate a variety of computer-controlled and mechanically controlled machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools. They’re the present and future of manufacturing! Here in Connecticut, CNC machinists are employed anywhere from small supply chain manufacturers all the way to huge companies like Pratt & Whitney and Electric Boat.

And CNC machining is a rewarding career. For CNC Machinists, the average yearly manufacturing salary across the nation is $43,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And here in CT we have some of the highest paid CNC machinists in the country! The median wage for a CNC machinist here in CT is $49,000!

If this CNC machinist salary interests you, know that you can start your career right here at Goodwin College! Our

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