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Small Black Owned Business Feature: Jamier Adams Photography

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Small Black Owned Business Feature

Name: Jamier Adams
Affiliation: Goodwin alumnus
Business Name: Jamier Adams Photography
Business Type: Portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography
Year Founded: 2008

Who We Are & What We Do…
My business is focused around the joy within every person that steps in front of my camera and capturing their most precious moments. I love helping people to see how beautiful they are! I specialize in portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography, whether that be outside or in a studio space where we create magic and have an absolute blast doing so.

How We Started and Where We Are Now…
I started by just taking photos of my family and close friends. Since then, I have expanded my business to into multiple states and have serviced thousands of people.

What Inspired Me to Start This Venture…
What inspired me the most is the support system that surrounded me. My support system believed in me since day one and saw clearly the knack I had for capturing gorgeous photos of people and bringing those people joy.

What Makes Me Feel Empowered…
I feel empowered by seeing how happy my clients get when they see the final images from their session. When they refer me to their friends and family, it brings me great pleasure because it means that they believe in my talents enough to capture their family and friends’ special days in the same way that I have for theirs.

What I Love Most About What I Do…
What I love most is connecting with people from all walks of life and seeing them burst with excitement during and after their session.

Misconceptions I Have Faced as a Black Business Owner…
I have only faced a few thus far with some people not taking me seriously in my earlier years and thinking that I might not be able to deliver a great product, but that changed once they saw my confidence, professionalism and how well I captured their images.

Challenges I Have Encountered…
There were a few years where I took a step back because I didn’t have the confidence in myself and my quality of work. I spent time comparing my work to others’ work, but once I found my niche and the happiness I could offer others, that changed the game for me. I am a natural networker and great at connecting with people, so I knew that I had to let my light shine! It was a good thing that I had a great support system because they helped reel me back in and hone in on my skills. This was essential in gaining my confidence.

What We Celebrate…
Jamier Adams Photography celebrates it all — from joy and happiness to pain and sadness — and captures it all through a lens. We can get through anything we put our minds to.

What Being a Black Business Owner Means to Me…
Being a black business owner means that anything is possible. Even with the odds stacked against me or as us as a community, I know that we can rise above any obstacle and make something out of nothing. We must make sure that we pull each other up and prosper together.

How I Hope to Inspire Others:
I hope to inspire others by showing them how beautiful and amazing they are. My passion lies in capturing magnificent moments as they take place.

My Message to Potential Black Business Owners…
My message is to never, ever stop believing in yourself. Give it everything you’ve got and make a name for yourself and your brand. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Grow through everything you go through and let it make you stronger.

Business Contact Information

Phone: 860-622-1370