Afternoon Studio: Riverside Magnet School’s After-School Enrichment Program

Imagine a school that offers continued enrichment for your child, even after the “school” day is over!  At Riverside Magnet School, pre-K students through grade 5 can participate in the After-School Studio Program, which extends their day until 5:45pm, Monday through Friday. After the final bell rings and school lets out, your child can transition right into their afternoon, strengthening friendships outside of the classroom, and exploring learning activities in a warm, Reggio Emilia inspired environment. From literacy opportunities to enjoying outdoor time, children participate in activities of their choice according to their interests.

How do the Afternoon Studio program activities help enrich children’s lives? The studio is an extension of the school’s Reggio Emilia-style philosophy. Therefore, even after-school, Riverside Magnet School provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment in which children can develop emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively. In the after-school enrichment program, students have the chance to cook, to read stories, to listen to music, to exercise, to sing songs, and to sometimes even meet special visitors who are invited into the Studio for planned activities.

Community is very important in a Reggio Emilia-style learning situation, and at RMS, our Afternoon Studio participants sometimes explore their local neighborhood! With permission, groups may visit the Community Garden, the Goodwin College field, or say hello to our upper magnet school, Connecticut River Academy. These excursions are a great opportunity for children to learn about the world around them with all of their senses. Parents and caregivers can get involved too, as a volunteer in the studio, or as a trip chaperone if you have availability and want to share your time and talents.

Communication is an important part of community-building, and the Afternoon Studio staff is passionate about letting you know how your child is doing. Not only will instructors post flyers and written updates, but they will also document what Studio students have been working on, and display their drawings, writings, and reflections throughout the school. Staff is always available for conversation, via e-mail, or in writing.

The Afternoon Studio Program also helps parents to balance their life. It can be hard to juggle work, commuting to your child’s school, driving to after-school activities, and running errands. One of the many great things about Riverside Magnet School’s after-school enrichment program that it there is no transportation, pick-up, or drop-off involved! Your child gets to spend extra time with their classroom friends, in a familiar environment, and to continue to learn and play. One Riverside Magnet School parent explains how everyone in her family benefits from the Afternoon Studio, “Working a full -time job, and living half an hour from Riverside Magnet School, the After-School Studio Program offers me the flexibility to continue my usual hours at work and pick my daughter up on my way home. Not only is it super convenient for me, my daughter absolutely loves her studio time. It’s truly a win for the both of us.”

There are two options for student enrollment in the Riverside Magnet School Afternoon Studio. Full-time enrollment covers the hours of 3:00-5:45pm, Monday through Thursday, and 12:45-5:45pm on Friday. Families can also decide to just participate in the enrichment program on Fridays only, from 12:45-5:45pm. Full-time tuition is $325 a month, while Friday-only is $75 monthly. There are also special circumstance options for families that benefit from Care 4 Kids, which makes childcare affordable to qualifying Connecticut families. With a valid Care 4 Kids certificate, RMS is proud to reimburse families for the cost of the Riverside Magnet School after-school program.

As another Riverside Magnet School parent reflects, “My son has flourished at RMS; he is learning new things with his friends every day, and he’s excited about it. Riverside Magnet School is the ideal learning environment for any child.”  With the Afternoon Studio Program, you can extend that excitement up to sixteen hours a week!  Learn more about the program and feel free to reach out to Casey Decoteau for more information.

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