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Summer Bridge Academy

Student Testimonials

Monica Correa

“The 2012 Summer Bridge Academy at Goodwin College was a new experience for me. I was able meet the Summer Bridge Staff; Mrs. Wood, Mr. Isaacs, and Mrs. Beebe, as well as my teachers. The staff and faculty really showed that they cared about my education. They prepared me for college by making sure I understood the importance of asking for help no matter what it was for, as well as getting my work done on time”.

“At first I was nervous about entering the program because I did not know what to expect and how different college was from high school. The Summer Bridge instructors made it clear during orientation that if we needed help we should not be afraid to reach out to them, which made me feel better. It showed me that they wanted their students to succeed. Their passion made me want to do well on the assignments that were given. The thought of doing bad was unacceptable. As the weeks rolled by, my anxiety level went down and I began to adapt to the routine”.

During the 2012 Summer Bridge Academy at Goodwin College, I attended the Boston Science Museum. This experience helped students to bond. We were all very interested in seeing and learning about the different exhibits within the museum. My Summer Bridge experience helped me to adapt to college life, meet people who really care, learn to ask for help and know that there are people here at Goodwin College who want to see me earn a degree so that I can have a successful future. I am truly grateful for participating in the Summer Bridge Academy.

Shane Davis

When I reflect on my transition from high school to college, I can truly say that deciding to be a part of the Summer Bridge Academy at Goodwin College was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. My senior year in high school turned out to be an interesting year for me. As a high school senior, I was looking forward to the prom, senior trip, graduation, and most importantly college. However, I had developed a serious case of “senioritis”, which caused me to be lazy and careless, and as a result, I did not do too much of anything. I was fooling myself into thinking that I was ready and prepared for college. That’s where Summer Bridge stepped in. Initially I was not planning to attend Goodwin College. I applied to about eight colleges locally and out of state and thankfully I was accepted into every single one of them. However, when it came time to decide which one I wanted to attend I was at a standstill. Throughout the entire college application process I was introduced to Goodwin and what they offered for someone like me. As time drew closer to making a final decision, I was extremely indecisive, but something on the inside told me to go to Goodwin. I’m glad I listened.

Going through Summer Bridge Academy was a blessing in disguise in many different ways. It showed me that I wasn’t prepared for college as much as I thought. I got a sneak peak of what it really meant to be in college during the six week program. I learned a lot about myself, my work ethic, and what I needed to change and improve on in order to be a successful college student. Summer Bridge Academy helped me to realize how important punctuality and time management would be toward my success. Summer Bridge Academy was also fun, I must say. In the beginning I’ll admit, it was hard programming my brain to get up every day during the summer for school. But as time passed, it became a habit, and then I started to enjoy my experience. Summer Bridge Academy gave me a chance to meet new people from all walks of life. I was able to encounter new things, experiences, and relationships that I didn’t come across in high school. What made the process even more worthwhile was getting accepted into the MOVE (Men of Vision in Education) program. Since I met the requirement of the Summer Bridge Academy, I was able to continue my experience by being a member of MOVE.

I would recommend the Summer Bridge Academy to almost any high school graduate on their way to college because it’s a time of great preparation and molding as a college freshman. The Summer Bridge Academy and MOVE programs that Goodwin offers are phenomenal, and I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone. There is no way possible that you can lose when participating in these programs and I’m so grateful that I chose to attend this college and these programs.