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Career Services

Are you looking for work while you’re going to school? Are you re-training for employment in a different career field? Are you enrolled at Goodwin College because you want to make a significant life-change?

The Career Services team at Goodwin College understands that each student attending the college is in a unique situation. For this reason, Goodwin College Career Services is a one stop shop for all things associated with career success.

In collaboration with faculty, staff, employers, and alumni the Department provides a variety of resources to prepare students to become career ready professionals such as individual counseling, resume and cover letter writing assistance, job search preparation, interviewing skills, career workshops and recruiting activities. Our ultimate goal is for each student to attain employment by becoming the best possible career-ready candidate that they can be. Our website is organized into three sections to address Students, Alumni and Employers. However, we encourage you to navigate through the entire site! You can address questions to any member of our team via e-mail at We look forward to working with you!




The Mission of Career Services is to support and empower students in developing, evaluating and effectively implementing their career plans.

Last Modified: 6/1/2015