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Academic Departments

Department of General Education

The goal of general education at Goodwin College is to create competent, productive problem solvers who appreciate the diversity of our society, maintain inquiring minds, and embrace life-long learning.

General Studies

General Education Requirements for Bachelor Degrees

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees

Department of Health and Natural Sciences

The mission of the Health and Natural Sciences Department is to train professionals in a variety of healthcare and science-based disciplines. Graduates will possess a unique set of skills and knowledge that will allow them to obtain entry-level positions in their chosen fields, advance in a current position and lay the foundation for advanced learning throughout their careers.

Dental Hygiene

Health Science

Environmental Studies

Medical Assisting

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Histologic Science

Medical Billing and Coding

Ophthalmic Science

Paramedic Studies

Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services

Respiratory Care

Department of Social Science, Business, Education, and Manufacturing

The mission of the Department of Social Science, Business and Education is to educate dedicated and caring individuals looking to make a significant difference within their communities through a career in the service professions or through the establishment of small businesses or non-profit organizations that create economic and service opportunities while building community. Each program within the Department strives to build challenging curriculum that will prepare students to assume the job responsibilities specific to their chosen profession.

Business Administration

Early Childhood Education

Family Studies

Human Services

Management and Leadership


Criminal Justice

Homeland Security

Public Safety and Security

Department of Nursing

The Mission of the Department of Nursing is derived from the Mission of Goodwin College. It has as its focus the educational preparation of students to become Nurses who are life-long learners. The Department provides an atmosphere whereby its diverse student population can grow intellectually by promoting critical thinking skills, personal development, and community involvement.


Last Modified: 6/24/2015