stem magnet high school in Connecticut

Should You Choose a STEM Magnet School for Your Teen?

The teenage years are some of the most crucial and influential years for adolescents. It’s a period in their lives in which they will mature physically, mentally, and emotionally, and start making the transition into adulthood. As they gain traction in their minds and their lives, it is important for them to be in an educational environment where they can truly thrive; an environment that encourages their curiosity, embraces their many interests, and facilitates a hands-on, interactive learning experience.

One educational environment in particular that facilitates this growth is a theme-based magnet school. Theme-based magnet schools are a great option for teenagers entering high school, allowing teens to explore their areas of interest and play an active role in their education. One popular option among teenagers and parents is a STEM magnet school.

What is a STEM Magnet School?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM magnet schools use an interdisciplinary approach, where the curriculum is integrated, and all subjects have applications to daily life.  Even though traditional high schools may still teach each of these subjects separately, a STEM magnet school will integrates the subjects. This theme-based learning is beneficial because it prepares students for a variety of professions that are related to the STEM subjects – giving them a “head start” on their future. Furthermore, providing teenagers with a curriculum that excites them will allow them to identify their passions in science, math, and tech early on, so that they can efficiently transition into college or a passion-driven career.

Another key premise of many STEM magnet schools, or any type of magnet high school, is diversity. One of the goals of a magnet school is to enroll a racially diverse student body that encourages respect, empathy, and collaboration. By bringing students from a mixture of different backgrounds, magnet schools hope to reduce or eliminate ethnic or racial isolation and promote respect for everyone.

Are there other theme-based magnet high school options?

In addition to STEM magnet schools, there are other theme-focused high schools available to teens. For Connecticut teens interested in environmental science, sustainability, and the evolving world of technology, Connecticut River Academy in East Hartford is a great option. Connecticut River Academy’s sustainability theme places a focus on teaching students how to make informed decisions that ensure the well-being of all aspects of life, including society, economy, and nature.

By leveraging hands-on activities and utilizing state-of-the-art resources at Connecticut River Academy, the students there have many opportunities to immerse themselves in their learning process. As one example, CTRA students have the Connecticut River as an extended learning environment, and can take a Water Stewardship Course where they will conduct outdoor field research and learn about the natural life on and near the river. Students also have access to advanced technology like 3-D printers and robotics.

So, which themed-based magnet school is right for your teen?

Whether you are considering a STEM magnet school or another science and technology-focused school like Connecticut River Academy for your teenager, rest assured that you are putting your teen on the path towards great success. Theme-based education is a great alternative to traditional high school. Research has found that the more interested and engaged teenagers are with their curriculum, the more motivated, enthusiastic, and positive they will be in their learning environment. And, students who are enthusiastic about their education emit their positive attitude to other peers, making it a positive learning environment for everyone present.

Theme-based magnet schools are also beneficial in that they provide an environment where students are passionate about the same subjects — whether that be science and technology, or even manufacturing. This heightens the likelihood that students will apply their high school learnings to their college major, and to their career in the future.

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