Riverside Magnet School: The Impact of the Reggio Emilia Model

A Riverside Magnet School (RMS) parent knew that RMS was the right choice for her family from the moment she stepped foot in the school. “You can feel it when you walk in the door — RMS is a very special place,” she said.

“RMS came highly recommended to us when it was time for my son to enter preschool,” she continued. “While the schools in our district are wonderful, we felt that RMS was the best choice for our family.”

She believes that the Reggio Emilia model in particular has had the most profound impact on the development of her children.

“In the four years my children have been at RMS, the Reggio Emilia approach has allowed them to become active participants in the direction of their learning,” she said. “As they grow and learn, I see their thought processes evolve and how they make connections between what they learn at school and how it applies to life outside of the classroom.”

In addition to the influence of the Reggio Emilia model, she appreciates that “the environment at RMS addresses the whole child.”

“They are not just learning reading, writing, and mathematics,” she stated. “They are also learning about themselves, developing perseverance, strengthening their physical skills, and practicing mindfulness techniques — all of which are essential skills in today’s society.”

She went on to describe RMS as “an inclusive community where families are always welcome and the amazing staff is committed to the well-being of their students.”

“It gives me comfort to know that my children are safe, academically challenged, and emotionally supported at RMS,” she concluded. “I would encourage families interested in learning more about RMS to visit and see the school for yourself.”

For more information, visit: www.goodwin.edu/rms

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