Is a Magnet Elementary School or Private Elementary School Best for my Child?

Parents want what is best for their children at every stage of their child’s life. From the moment their babies are born, ensuring they are safe and receiving the proper care is of utmost importance. As they grow into toddlers, encouraging our children to explore the world in a respectful and empowering way becomes a priority. As they reach school-age, our focus shifts to making sure they are in a fruitful educational environment that allows them to develop socially and cognitively.

There are many different elementary school options out there with a variety of learning environments, and it can be overwhelming for parents to decide which one is the best for their child. If you are considering a private elementary school because of the specialized attention and first-class education your child will receive, you may want to consider a magnet elementary school as an option, as well. Magnet elementary schools, like private elementary schools, offer high quality and dedicated instruction. Here are a few reasons why you should also consider a magnet school if you are already considering a private elementary school.

Learning Model:

Private elementary school learning models typically consist of blended learning models, depending on the school. Riverside Magnet School, a magnet elementary school in the Greater Hartford area, however, is built upon the world-famous Reggio Emilia approach to education. This learning approach focuses on developing literacy, numeracy, physical and social skills in the classroom by encouraging students to take an active role in guiding their own education. Riverside Magnet School provides students with the resources needed to empower them to express themselves in the classroom.

Classroom Environment:

Private elementary schools pride themselves in keeping the student-to-teacher ratio low, thus giving students more opportunities to form relationships with their teachers to help them better succeed in the classroom. Similarly, magnet schools like Riverside Magnet School keep a low student-to-adult ratio in the classroom, further allowing students to receive the attention they deserve. Riverside Magnet School also has Goodwin College students and staff to assist in the classroom, which helps to provide teachers with the latest research and educational best practices.

Because Riverside Magnet School is a Reggio-inspired magnet school, the environment remains an active part of our students’ learning. We encourage students to explore their interests inside and  the classroom and beyond, constantly keep learning materials at their fingertips. Unlike a private elementary school, there are no assigned seats at Riverside Magnet. Rather, students are consistently encouraged to collaborate with one another and direct their own learning experiences by pursuing topics that inspire them. Teachers then tailor the classroom environment to support topics of interest. At Riverside Magnet School, we cultivate a hands-on learning approach for all learning styles.

Family Involvement:

While many private elementary schools have their own family support systems, magnet schools pride themselves on providing families with the tools needed to take an active role in their children’s education. Families and the surrounding community play an integral role at Riverside Magnet School. We recognize that parents and family members are a child’s first teachers, which is why we provide families with the support and resources needed to get engaged and help better facilitate their children’s learning. In fact, Riverside Magnet School has formed a parent teacher organization called the Riverside Community Council that meets on a regular basis to share ideas, support learning, and sustain an encouraging learning community.

Sending your child off to elementary school, whether at a private elementary school or at a magnet elementary school, is a big step for not only your child, but also for you as a parent. A magnet elementary school is a great choice for someone looking for an elementary program that is dedicated, innovative, and strives for academic excellence among its students.

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