college courses for high school students in connecticut

Accessing College Now Offers College Credit Learning to High School Students Despite Social Distancing

During this time when schools have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodwin University’s Accessing College Now (ACN) program offers all Connecticut high school junior and senior students their choice of eight college credit-bearing courses, available entirely online.

The accessible, virtual college options include:

  • Professionalism and The College Experience (PSY 101)
  • Interpersonal Communications (COMM 105)
  • Computer Applications (CAP 110)
  • Career Planning and Development (IS 150)

Goodwin University is well aware that high school upperclassmen need the upper hand on college preparation, which is why Accessing College Now is being offered as an innovative, instructional option during this time of social isolation. With ACN, juniors and seniors in search of something worthwhile and rewarding to work on during isolation can find faculty and peer support and earn comprehensive college credits right through their personal computer. Classes are 7½ weeks in length and launch April 15.

With a purpose, as outlined on its website, of “adapting programs to the changing needs of the student body, the workforce, and society,” Goodwin University continues to promote their passion for lifelong learning — even during social distancing — and has created a way to remain more connected than ever.

To learn more about Accessing College Now visit us online.

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