college high school in connecticut

What is a College High School, and What Can it Mean for Your Teen?

An education is way more than just textbooks, lectures, and exams. An education is about giving students the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to grow and succeed in life. That is why a college high school is an excellent option for teenagers, as it can have many benefits in helping them prepare for their next steps in life, as they look forward to college and beyond.

What is a college high school? A college high school, also known as an early college high school, provides students with the opportunity to take college courses and earn college credits while still attending high school. The mix of traditional high school courses and college courses helps establish a solid foundation for a teenager’s future college career.

A college high school curriculum is specifically designed to fulfill all of the high school course requirements, as well as give students the opportunity to enroll in college courses. The Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), an early college high school in Greater Hartford, allows students to follow this type of college prep model. At CTRA, students in grades 11-12 can earn up to 35 transferrable college credits through neighboring Goodwin College. This opportunity opens the door to many valuable learning experienced offered at Goodwin College, with available early college classes in Pre-calculus, Calculus, Environmental Ethics and Environment Justice and Public Speaking (among many others).

There are many benefits that teenagers can enjoy by attending a college high school. This type of school gives students a head-start on their college education, which can actually help lessen the burden of college tuition. Students at Connecticut River Academy, for example, can earn up to 35 college credits at no additional tuition cost. In some cases, these credits can equal about two semesters worth of courses, making those savings for a college student ideal.

The transition to college can seem academically overwhelming for many students. But a college high school allows students to get a glimpse into what life is really like as a college student. Students can experience what it’s like to be in a college-level course, with real college professors and the demands of a college syllabus. By experiencing all of this and taking college courses as a high school student, teenagers can prepare for college and develop the essential skills needed for college success, including good study habits, time management, and self-discipline.

Furthermore, students can feel overwhelmed socially during the transition to a college environment. A college high school helps alleviate the stress of transitioning from a high school structured curriculum to college level demands and interactions. Socially, students have the opportunity to interact with their peers in their classes and through the online learning tools as they would when they start college. All of these college high school benefits help to establish independence, organization, and work ethic among teens as they prepare to enter a new phase of their life.

Do you think your teen could benefit from a college high school? To learn more about how an early college high school could be a great fit for your teenager, or to start your teen on this path in Connecticut, please do not hesitate to reach out to Connecticut River Academy. Call 800-889-3283 for more information, or attend an upcoming parent information session.