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Early Childhood Education Club

Advisor: Kimberly Mansfield
President: Dena Booker

The Goodwin College ECE Club is designed to provide students with the support and guidance needed to become involved in early childhood leadership. The students in the ECE club are committed to promote the welfare and education of young children. Our club strives to cultivate fellowship between local community organizations and the Goodwin College student body. Members of the Early Childhood club make a difference in the lives of young children and in doing so enjoy opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills. Our members have built strong friendships, professional development and community service opportunities, and a voice in their college career. Annually our club will elect officers, including a president, treasurer and secretary; each of these roles provides an excellent for career growth and networking here at the college and in the local neighborhoods.

Environmental Science Club

Advisor: Bruce Morton
President: Michael Spano

The Environmental Science Club is a student organization looking to increase the education, awareness, and community involvement of its members.

In order to accomplish this vision, we engage in education based programs, consisting of on-campus lectures by professors and discussions between members on crucial environmental concerns ranging from the community to a world scale. We also engage in community service actions, such as school education, Adopt-a-Highway, and other volunteering opportunities

The Environmental Science Club is dedicated to conservation and preservation of the local and regional environment. We will bring issues to light that impact all members of our school community. Service is emphasized with local field trips and other events that aim at protecting the environment.

Psychology Club

Advisor: Miranda Hughes

The mission of the Psychology Club shall be to promote interest in psychology through social, academic and volunteer activities between students, faculty and the community. Membership in the Club is open to any student who is currently taking, or has taken, PSY112: Introduction to Psychology.

Respiratory Care Club (RCC)

Advisor: Pat Maloy
President: Ann Marie Goenne

The mission of the RCC is to promote enthusiasm and enhance a positive learning experience by building a supportive network and alliance between the students and the Goodwin College Respiratory Care program. Our vision statement is to build a strong relationship among peers, to provide opportunities for members to “give back” to the college and community, and to link the classroom to the community for a beneficial learning experience. The RCC tries to incorporate every student at Goodwin in events, not only Respiratory Care students, to help educate everyone in the importance of Respiratory health. In 2012 the RCC created a Goodwin Team for the Fight For Air Climb that takes place in March in Hartford. It is a great way for any student and their friends and family to make a difference, to learn, and to experience something new.

Paranormal Science Club

Advisor: Nicole Miller
President: Casey Italia

The Goodwin College Paranormal Science Club was established to offer the students, faculty and administration at the College an opportunity to research, investigate and discuss paranormal matters. In approaching these topics from a scientific point-of-view, the club will utilize the college’s educational resources in an effort to theorize these, as well as other cases presented to it. The club will meet on a monthly basis, and will attempt to conduct at least one off-site paranormal investigation each quarter.

Poetry Club

Advisor: Cynthia Hendricks

The purpose of the poetry club is to give students a place to read and discover poetry and other creative work; to join other students who share a love of words and to develop for events, poetry slams, contests and publications. The poetry club meets the third Thursday of the month at 11 in the Student Lounge.

Submissions for the poetry contest are accepted year round. Prize is publication in the Goodwin College Literary Journal The Beacon and $75 for the first place winner. Second and third place prizes are publication and $50 and $25, respectively. Please send no more than three poems on any theme to

Visit the Poetry Club webpage

Student Ambassadors


The Goodwin College Student Ambassadors Leadership program provides students with an opportunity to further develop and explore leadership skills. Student ambassadors work with the Goodwin College community to assist your peers and prospective students and act as an advocate to increase student awareness of the college’s resources, facilities and events offered by Goodwin College.

Student Government

President: Kimberly Itsou

The Student Government comprises members drawn from the general student body who are representative of all departments and programs. It is led by an elected group of students whose responsibilities are:

  • To serve as representatives for the entire student body
  • To provide services that improve the life of the students
  • To keep the student body informed of relevant issues
  • To coordinate student activities and funds for the students
  • To maintain a positive relationship between the students and the wider community

The Goodwin College Student Government provides opportunities for students to get involved and make a difference in the campus community. Membership in the Student Government helps to build leadership, decision-making, and organization skills, as well as global citizenship.

Visit the Student Government webpage

Student Nursing Association - Goodwin College Chapter

Advisor: Jan Costello
President: Vaughn Martin

The purpose of the Student Nurse Association – Goodwin College Chapter – is to promote the development of student nurses in relation to their profession of nursing and to provide resources to student nurses at reduced rates (i.e. NCLEX review products and health insurance).

Visit the GCSNA webpage

Goodwin College Veteran’s Club

Advisors: Samantha Sunbury & Guy Bradstreet

Goodwin College Veteran’s Club is a group of veteran students, faculty and staff who have served in the military. The club is based upon the idea that these students should have a support network. In our meetings we discuss benefits, classes, community service, or anything that concerns the members of our club. We are here to support the veterans at Goodwin.

Club Soccer

Club Contact:

The Goodwin College Club Soccer Team, formed in the fall of 2011, was the second venture into team athletics by the College (preceded by Basketball in 2010). The College welcomes all ability levels to the pitch, and provides uniforms to the players. The Navigators support both Men and Women’s teams who compete in various matches during the fall and winter Seasons. The fall season consist of practices and games against teams around Connecticut and Massachusetts. The winter season consist of indoor leagues that last for 8 weeks at a time.

Club Basketball

Club Contact: Eric Emet
Coach: Raheim Lowery

Goodwin College Club Basketball team will be competing against a number of basketball club teams from different colleges and universities. The club will practice a few days a week at the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Club located in East Hartford. The season will conclude with the NIRSA Regional Championship Tournament held by Boston University.

The annual student vs. staff basketball game will be played towards the end of the season.

Club basketball starts practices in November while the games start off in December.

Club Softball

Club Contact:

The softball club will meet during the week at Hockanum Elementary School located in East Hartford. The club will be looking to enter into a few tournaments across the season with the possibility of entering a Spring/Summer league.

Please bring a baseball or softball glove and any equipment you would like. Bring a friend! The Club Softball season will run during the spring and summer seasons.

Flag Football

Club Contact: Eric Emet

The Flag Football club meets a few times during the week in the afternoon. The meetings take place in front of the college on the college lawn. During the season the club will compete against a variety of club teams from colleges and universities throughout the fall season. To conclude the season, the club will look to compete in the NIRSA Regional Flag Football Tournament at a location to be determined.

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