Goodwin University Magnet School System hires Peel and Freeman to support Connecticut River Academy and Riverside Magnet School

Goodwin University and LEARN, a Regional Educational Service Center based in Old Lyme, Connecticut, have announced the appointment of Matthew Peel as Assistant Director of Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) at Goodwin University and Meaghan Freeman as Assistant Principal of Riverside Magnet School (RMS) at Goodwin University, effective July 1, 2023. “These experienced leaders will increase our capacity and enhance our overall instructional practices across both schools,” said Dr. Sal Menzo, Superintendent of Goodwin University Magnet School System. “We are pleased to have these individuals support our innovative programming across our PreK-12 continuum.”

Mr. Peel brings 24 years of experience in public education and will support the middle grades at CTRA, which was to expand to a 6-12 school in 2020 as part of the Sheff v. O’Neil settlement. Mr. Peel started his education career as a math teacher in Maryland before moving back to Connecticut in his hometown of Stonington. He taught there for several years before becoming the Associate Principal at Griswold High School for seven years. After Griswold, he was the principal of Bacon Academy in Colchester, Connecticut. Most recently, he joined the administrative staff at LEARN and supported the Regional Multicultural Magnet School in New London.

“I am very excited to join CTRA. Back in April, I had a unique opportunity to meet the students and staff in the middle grades. I was so impressed by everyone’s friendliness and welcoming nature, and there was a strong sense of a family-like atmosphere,” said Mr. Peel. “I look forward to returning and working with Ms. Tanner to lead the middle grades at CTRA as it grows!”

“I am eager to become a part of the RMS community that I have heard so much about,” said Ms. Freeman.

For the past two decades, Ms. Freeman has dedicated her career to making a lasting impact on the communities of Hartford and West Hartford. Her experience in neighborhood and magnet schools has allowed her to be a versatile and adaptable teacher catering to the needs of diverse students. With a background in teaching, reading, and TESOL, she has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to providing students with the best possible education, and her accomplishments have been recognized within her field.

“I look forward to building relationships with staff and families to work together to provide every scholar with an enriching and supportive learning environment,” said Ms. Freeman.

Most recently, Ms. Freeman has served as an ELA instructional coach, where she has been able to draw on her extensive experience and expertise in literacy and best practices for multilingual learners. She has used the role to help teachers and students strive for excellence, forging productive partnerships that have delivered results. “I am committed to continuing the work that ensures each child feels safe, valued, and inspired every day they walk through our doors,” said Ms. Freeman.