Elizabeth Horton Sheff Goodwin University

Elizabeth Horton Sheff to join Goodwin University Magnet School System

Beginning on August 22, 2023, Elizabeth Horton Sheff will join the Goodwin University Magnet School System (GUMSS) as the Alumni Specialist, responsible for nurturing and broadening the district’s relationships with their alumni. Horton Sheff is known throughout the state as the voice behind the Sheff v. O’Neill landmark case, which ensured that students like her son, Milo, have equal access to educational opportunities.

“I have long wondered about the life outcomes of those students who attended a school in the Sheff region,” said Horton Sheff. “While I am rich in anecdotal evidence of the good accomplished, working with GUMSS will afford me the opportunity to transform that which I have heard into realities that I can see.”

“With Horton Sheff joining our community, scholars and families will have an opportunity to engage with the person who championed quality integrated education that resulted in the creation of our magnet school system. It is not often that individuals have an opportunity to work with a nationally recognized education and community leader. We look forward to Horton Sheff capturing and sharing the stories of our alumni,” said Superintendent, Dr. Salvatore Menzo.

Horton Sheff comes to GUMSS with an extensive background in education and community relations. Most recently, Horton Sheff was the director for Community Renewal Team, Inc. in Hartford and previously was an adjunct professor of Sociology at Manchester Community College and Goodwin University. She has also served as a councilperson for the Hartford Court of Common Council and served as Minister for Just Peace Ministries for the United Church of Christ in Hartford, CT.

“There is one thing, for certain, to which I can witness: Living one’s life answering the call for social and racial justice will lead you to many places,” said Horton Sheff. “My dedication to such a pursuit has now brought me to GUMSS. I am grateful to GUMSS for this opportunity.”

Horton Sheff holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Charter Oak State College and a Master of Education degree, concentration in educational technology, from the University of Hartford. She is the recipient of a Doctorate of Humane Letters, also from the University of Hartford.

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