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At Goodwin University, we’re committed to keeping you healthy, happy, and safe.

campus safety at Goodwin University

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We’re committed to keeping you healthy, happy, and safe.

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We’re here to support you inside and outside the classroom.

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Campus safety is a top priority.

At Goodwin University, we’re committed to keeping you healthy, happy, and safe.

We have an unwavering commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. We understand that returning to school after a year of lockdown and isolation may bring you some discomfort. That’s why we are here to make this adjustment as stress free as possible for you.

Headshot of William Stocker

William Stocker,

“This past year wasn’t easy for any of us. I thank Goodwin’s faculty for continuing to believe in us and adapting to the changing times. The professors remained dedicated, were available when we needed them, and were patient with us. They truly were incredible.”

We’re here to support you inside and outside the classroom. Your health is important to us.

As we return to campus with full capacity — cleaning and disinfecting procedures will not change. All buildings on campus will be held to the same standard of cleanliness across the University to ensure upmost safety for the health and wellbeing of our students and faculty. All flat surfaces in buildings are disinfected daily and restrooms are cleaned multiple times a day. All touchpoints for example door handles, light switches, etc. are disinfected daily. All classrooms and labs are thoroughly disinfected each evening. Furniture in each building is disinfected as well. Hand sanitizer can be found in multiple locations in each building and in our restrooms.

Headshot of Jesline Rosario

Jesline Rosario,

“Goodwin’s diverse student body opened my mind and impacted my way of thinking. People ranged in age, race, gender, and ethnicity, and it was a safe and enriching environment. I was exposed to a variety of different beliefs and cultures, all of which were celebrated.”

Campus safety is one of our top priorities.

We have put into effect various outlets of security on our campus to make it as safe and secure as possible. Security officers are deployed and stationed at all of our Main University Student Buildings from 7 a.m. each morning until our classes end every evening. Our security officers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, other security practices are implemented — these include Everbridge emergency notification system, and our Blue Light System placed throughout the campus. All students, faculty, and staff are issued an ID badge for safe and secure scan in entry to each building on campus. All visitors are required to sign in.

Headshot of Dwayne Mullings

Dwayne Mullings,

“Goodwin has always been supportive throughout my college career.”

You deserve great support services and resources.

Here, students are at the center of all we do. We believe that you deserve great support services and resources to help you achieve your goals! As a Goodwin student, you will never be left to fend for yourself. We will help you through each step of your journey — academically, personally, and professionally.

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Start classes September 9!