Reporting an Incident

Goodwin College separates its reporting structure into the categories listed below. If you have questions or concerns about which report to use, please contact the Director of Compliance and Title IX Coordinator at 860-727-6741.

Report an Incident of Gender-based or Sexual Misconduct

To make a report of a violation by a student, an employee, or a third-party of the Gender-based and Sexual Misconduct Policy, including, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact (or attempts to commit same), non-consensual sexual intercourse (or attempts to commit same), sexual exploitation, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and/or other misconduct that is gender-based, please complete this report form.

Gender-based or Sexual Misconduct Incident Report Form

Report a Student Accident or Injury

The Accident or Injury Report Form should be used to report any accident that resulted in bodily injury or illness that occurred on Goodwin property or on a Goodwin sponsored or approved activity off campus. In the case of immediate threat or an emergency call 911.

Accident or Injury Report Form

Report an Incident

To report an incident related to student or third party misconduct or crime, complete an incident report form. In the case of immediate threat or an emergency call 911.

Incident Report Form