Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)


Students who wish to appeal their status may do so by filing a letter of appeal. Appeals must be based on a mitigating circumstance and explain in detail the reasons why they have not been able to restore their academic standing.

Students who anticipate not meeting all SAP benchmarks after being on Warning are encouraged to file a letter of appeal early. Please keep in mind that there is only a small window of time for you to learn of your SAP status and submit a letter of appeal. In order to meet the tight timeline of becoming notified, filing an appeal, and finding out if their appeal will allow them to be placed on probation. Advance letters may be filed with the Academic Progress Coordinator in case they are needed.

The SAP Appeal Board will review all letters of appeal to make a determination. Students with letters that have been approved will be on Probation.


Students who have successfully appealed are placed on Probation. The intent of Probation is to allow students the opportunity to meet gradual benchmarks that will lead them to make Satisfactory Academic Progress in a timely manner. Once the appeal is approved, a student on Probation should make an appointment with the Academic Progress Coordinator to create an individualized plan to restore their academic standing.

The individualized plan provides a specific CGPA and pace to meet at the end of their next semester of enrollment. These benchmarks allow students to demonstrate improvement. If a benchmark is not met after any semester of probation, federal financial aid eligibility ends.

Good academic standing is restored after a student attains each of the required benchmarks for SAP. Once a student fully restores their standing, they are no longer on Probation.