Online Studies

How to be a Successful Student

  1. Be self-motivated and self-disciplined
    With the freedom and flexibility of online courses comes responsibility. Online students, who participated in a survey interview, confirmed that the online process requires a real commitment and discipline to keep up with the learning progression. You can easily fall behind in your online course work if you do not stay motivated. You will not be going to a classroom everyday where the teacher repeatedly reminds you of test and assignment due dates and so forth. You have to be a dedicated student in order to perform well in online courses. It is up to you to check your course's announcement page daily, ask questions when needed, keep up with the due dates and deadlines of your assignments and tests, and read assigned textbook chapters and other materials.
  2. Develop a time-management strategy
    Time management is one of the biggest factors in succeeding with your online courses. Successful online students have to be very proactive in their studies and take responsibility for their own learning. It is very important that you manage your time and schedule your availability effectively to ensure regular attendance and participation in your classes. Most Goodwin University students who were interviewed noted that establishing regular study times helped them ensure enough time for class participation and timely assignment completion. One student commented, "Although the course material can be done at any time of the day that you choose, it is very important to create a standard schedule and follow it, setting specific study days and hours was one factor that helped me succeed. For example, in the evenings throughout the week, I read my lessons. Saturdays were generally reserved for writing assignments. Saturdays were also devoted to responding to other Discussion Board postings and adding to what I had already submitted."
  3. Take advantage of Support Services
    Goodwin University offers a variety of services to assist its students in becoming successful online learners. Continuing services include academic advising, library access, the writing center, student services, advising, and financial aid resources. Make sure to take advantage of these services to facilitate your learning experience online.
  4. Communication
    Don't be afraid to ask questions and interact with your instructor: If you are experiencing difficulty either with the technology or with a course’s content, you must communicate this immediately to your instructor. Don't be afraid to ask questions. As Online Studies student there are several ways to get the answers you are seeking. You can e-mail your instructor, call him/her on the phone, or post your question in the "ASK THE INSTRUCTOR" forum available in the Discussion Board. The Online Studies Department provides first class support so that students never feel lost or alone during the e-learning process. Ask questions. Ask for help. Offer ideas. Always keep in touch with your instructor.