Manufacturing Degrees and Certificate Programs

Made for the makers

Awesome things are made in Connecticut. From aircraft engines and submarines to buttons and baked goods, manufacturing in Connecticut is thriving and you can be a part of it! Goodwin University’s manufacturing training programs prepare you for an industry driven by technology, innovation, and creativity. Our manufacturing training programs are designed for anyone just starting out or already working in the field.

Learn The Skills Employers Are Seeking

Goodwin University is always studying what today's employers are looking for. Components in our program are based on job qualifications identified by actual manufacturing professionals. To be seen today as a valuable worker — and especially to be considered for advancement — it's no longer enough to be able to run a machine. Communication skills, working well with people of diverse backgrounds, and the ability to problem-solve at a higher level are among the most in‑demand traits of today's successful manufacturing professionals.

Our Manufacturing, Machining and Logistics Programs

  • Manufacturing Management (Bachelor's Degree)
  • Quality Management Systems (Associate Degree)
  • CNC Machining (Associate Degree and Certificate)
  • Manufacturing and Logistics (Certificate)
  • Mechatronics (Certificate)
  • Welding (Certificate)
  • Certified Production Technician (Credential)
  • Certified Logistics Technician (Credential)
  • Green Manufacturing (Credential)

Make It Better

Manufacturing is no longer about making more — it's about making more efficiently. Industry technology is getting leaner and it's getting greener. Modern production techniques create considerably less waste. Products can be made "smarter" but they can't make themselves. A new breed of advanced manufacturing professionals is needed to lead the way.

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