Meet the Human Services Director

Isalena Gilzene, goodwin human services program director in connecticut

Isalena Gilzene's educational journey began when she earned her bachelor's degree in Sociology and Criminology. Her academic adventure continued when she achieved her master's degree in Social Work.

Gilzene has previously held roles as a clinician, clinical supervisor, and early childhood post-secondary educator. On her professional path, she developed an immense passion for training staff, facilitating seminars using a trauma-focused approach, and ensuring that professionals working with vulnerable populations used their best practice skills and were prepared to serve.

A self-professed former “front-of-the-class-college student,” Gilzene gravitates toward her love of continued learning and comprehensive teaching. Now the program director for Goodwin's Human Services program, Gilzene is grateful for the opportunity to prepare the next generation of social services workers to inspire and influence lives while making a lasting impact on marginalized groups.

A message from Professor Gilzene

If you're looking for a flexible program that will empower you to sharpen your skills, support others, and provide a variety of career options, you've found it!

Our courses are offered during the day and evening, in on-ground and online formats. Goodwin also has hundreds of connections to Human Service organizations for field practicum experience.

Our strong curriculum prepares students to work with the specific populations they'd like to serve while teaching cohorts to be social justice advocates for all.

In the Human Services program, our faculty and staff offer their real-world expertise and embrace students' career goals. With small classroom settings, our educators get to personally know those in their courses and guide students into professions that align with their professional purpose.

The Human Services program proudly equips learners with the education and empathy to be change agents in their communities and future careers.

Start making a difference today.

I hope to see you soon!
With warmest regards,
Isalena Gilzene, M.S.W.