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goodwin absn program director in connecticut

Dr. Vivienne Friday is an experienced nurse educator with specific concentrations in the health care and well-being of elderly populations. She infuses her instruction with robust gerontological content and clinical practicum within the nursing curriculum. Dr. Friday proudly teaches gerontological nursing courses and seminars and engages students in service-learning projects with older adults. She is also an accomplished, awarded author with scholarly publications and conference presentations from various well-respected nursing leagues and councils.

Dr. Friday's passion for the nursing profession began when watching the midwives and visiting nurses care for the sick in her small Jamaican village. Dr. Friday was also the first in her family to graduate from college. A lifelong learner, she continued her education while embarking on career success.

Now the Accelerated BSN (ABSN) program director for Goodwin University, Dr. Friday hopes to impact the lives of students, faculty, and staff — just as the visiting nurses in her village inspired and motivated her to make a difference years ago.

A message from Dr. Friday

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program at Goodwin University is challenging and allows students to apply existing skills and competencies to progress within the program. We embrace Open Educational Resources (OER) to make courses more affordable and accessible. We also incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an education framework that includes various strategies to fit a diverse group of learners.

As the ABSN program director, I advise students to strive for success, set lofty goals, and pursue them with passion. I instruct pupils to ignore those who try to convince them that they cannot do something significant. I guide scholars to seek an education as a safeguard against sentiments of what could have been. Become a lifelong learner and focus on your future career.

Earn a valuable degree that enhances your quality of life and prepares you to make a difference to yourself, your family, and your community. I hope you join Goodwin's nurturing nursing community. We're ready to support you to become your best self.

Best regards,
Dr. Vivienne Friday, MSN, RN, CNE
ABSN Program Director, Assistant Professor

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