What is a Magnet School?

Why Choose a Magnet School?

connecticut magnet school benefits

As a parent, you hope to see your child succeed in an academic setting that is safe, motivating, and nurturing. We understand that making the right choice for your child’s future means everything to you. Choosing a magnet school education may be exactly the right step for your child — and you.

A Magnet School Education Offers Several Benefits Including:

  • Flexible and innovative curriculum centered around a unifying theme
  • Diverse student body that encourages respect, empathy, and collaboration
  • Family and community involvement that instills a passion for learning and growth
  • Academic success that prepares students for a lifetime of academic achievement
  • Small class sizes that ensure connection to the content and foster positive student/teacher relationships

What Is a Magnet School?

With a theme-based education and hands-on learning approach, your child will be prepared for a bright future. The diverse student body allows for increased cultural competencies you will not find at your local schools. Magnet schools even offer more opportunities for parental and community involvement.

Riverside Magnet School

Magnet elementary schools are the perfect fit for a child you want to immerse in a world of educational possibilities. Riverside Magnet School is based on the Reggio Emilia model and offers a curriculum focused on building cognitive, social, language, creative, and physical skills that empower students to take active roles in directing their own learning. At Riverside Magnet School, your child will be able to start on a limitless educational journey.

Connecticut River Academy

Magnet high schools benefit teens who want a supportive educational environment surrounded by motivated students interested in similar themes. The Connecticut River Academy, provides the opportunity to earn over 35 transferable college credits while still in high school — all at no tuition cost. The Connecticut River Academy centers on a sustainability theme that promotes global awareness and respect for the environment through critical thinking and action.