Goodwin's "Kid Care" Child Care Program

Kid Care Testimonials


My experience with Goodwin's Kid Care program has been amazing. I am worry-free knowing that my child is being cared for while I am in class. Best of all, my child really enjoys it!


I've had nothing but great experiences with the Kid Care program. Goodwin provides such an amazing service to parents.


My daughter loves going to Kid Care. It’s a huge relief to know she’s having fun while I'm getting my studies done. Kid Care's hours, and the flexibility of the staff, help meet my needs and my child's.”


My experience, but most importantly, my sons experience at Kid Care has been nothing short of a blessing. Being a parent with a full-time job, while trying to pursue a degree and having to find childcare is a difficult task. Not only has Kid Care provided a convenience to me as an evening student, it has provided a secure and enjoyable experience for my son. The staff have always been a pleasure to work with and I will be forever grateful for this institution providing me the opportunity to be able to continue by education without the stress of not having childcare.

For additional information about Goodwin Kid Care, contact:

Amy Rodriguez
Program Assistant