Health and Wellness Services: Goodwin Health Center

What To Expect

The Case Manager will assist students with accessing community resources such as housing, medical coverage, food and/or clothing. Other services are in the academic arena and include study habits, navigating challenges with a professor, life skills and meditation.

If students are experiencing any mental health concerns, which are listed below, please contact the Goodwin Health Center to schedule an appointment. The therapists can provide direct care (therapy) or indirect care (referrals) to help accomplish life tasks, realize aspirations and values and help to alleviate distress.

Therapy is a process in which a student enters into a relationship with a trained professional in order to gain a deeper self-understanding and to identify more effective ways of responding to life’s challenges. You might want to change current patterns that don’t work, heal from your past or just need direction. A therapist can assist with this and facilitate the process primarily by providing a supportive, non-judgmental, problem-solving approach.