The Goodwin Institute for Learning Innovation

UDL Podcasts

Goodwin Teaches: Universal Design for Learning Stories in Higher Education

Host: Dr. Lisa Wisniewski
Episode 1

A robust discussion of how the UDL principles and guidelines are implemented in undergraduate and graduate courses at Goodwin University. This episode serves as a call to action for other educators to engage deeply into the UDL framework and share their success stories.

Think UDL

Host: Lillian Nave
Episode 29

This conversation not only describes the impetus for this very innovative showcasing of Universal Design for Learning practices on Goodwin’s campus, but also provides an overview of the episodes and quite a few ideas on how to incorporate meaningful engagement strategies. We bring up a wealth of resources from Improv techniques to Pecha Kucha and Padlets, as well as the use of the “Reacting to the Past” games in classes. You can find links to all of Karrie and Dana’s videos on the resources section of today’s episode at along with links to the resources we mention throughout our conversation.

Think UDL

Host: Lillian Nave
Episode 22

Lillian gets the chance to talk with Dr. Danielle Wilken about the training program she has implemented for 45 faculty members to be UDL Fellows (also known as Jedis) at Goodwin. She has radically transformed the teaching and learning environment at Goodwin College, an open enrollment college in East Hartford, Connecticut.