Calculator Loan Request

Calculators will be loaned only to currently enrolled students on a first come first serve basis starting the first day of the semester.

By electronically signing this form and borrowing a calculator from the Library, I understand that a hold will be placed on my student account if the calculator is not returned to the Library by the last day of final exams. The hold will prevent me from registering for classes, seeing grades, requesting transcripts, and borrowing from the library. I also will be charged an amount of $125.00 for the TI-83 Plus or $25.00 for the TI-80X to replace the lost or broken calculator. The Library is not responsible for supplying batteries.

By submitting this request form I understand that this does not guarantee there will be a calculator available for me. A confirmation email will be sent to my student email address indicating whether there is a calculator available and/or when the calculator will be ready for pick up.