Supervisors may reserve the right to deny the use of vacation time if an employee has less than six (6) months of continuous employment. All full-time employees earn annual vacation leave at the rate of 6.67 hours per month commencing on the first day of employment. Vacations must be taken at a time convenient to College operations and approved by your supervisor in advance for purposes of coordination.

You may choose to receive $100/day for each vacation day not used at the end of the calendar year, or elect to carry forward up to five (5) days of vacation time into the following calendar year. This option allows you the ability to take vacations early in the calendar year before new vacation time is earned.

Employees who complete five (5) years of continuous full-time service at Goodwin College accrue an additional five (5) days of annual vacation leave. At fifteen (15) years of continuous service, an additional (5) days is accrued. You will begin to accrue the additional time in the month following your anniversary date.